why is tifa from final fantasy 7 a big deal

Why is TIFA’s chest so big?


Why is TIFA best girl?

Tifa is a very caring girl when one looks past her badass fighting exterior.

She is the character that many look at as the true love interest for Cloud for a good reason.

That reason is the fact that her caring nature leads to the fact that she always sticks by Cloud despite any issues or faults he may have.


Is TIFA Cloud’s girlfriend?

The Sexbomb Bae: Tifa Lockheart


Why did they nerf TIFA?

Curiously, the translation floating around right now mentions that an ethics department determined that “restricting” Tifa’s chest was done to make sure that she didn’t look “unnatural” during fight sequences.

Tifa isn’t the only one changing in the remake: Every character has a number of tweaks and added flourishes.


What is TIFA’s breast size?


“…Tifa’s bra size is a Japanese G70, which is roughly a size 32” DDD,” she states.


Does TIFA wear a bra?

By giving Tifa a sports bra in Final Fantasy VII Remake, it shows that the designers wanted to put her as a character and fighter first and foremost rather than the sex symbol she became known as when the original Final Fantasy VII was released.


Is Cloud in love with Tifa or Aerith?

There’s tension with Cloud, but she never forms any kind of romantic relationship with him. Tifa and Cloud outright consummate their love the night before entering North Crater. They are definitively a couple by the end of the game. Aeris loved Zack.


Is it better to choose Tifa or Aerith?

Choosing to help Tifa first will increase your odds of getting her semi-romantic scene in chapter 14, whereas coming to the aid of Aerith will increase your odds of having a romantic chat with her instead.


Who is best Tifa or Aerith?

Final Fantasy 7: Tifa Vs Aerith For Best Girl

That is to say should Cloud have ended up with Aerith, or should it have been with Tifa


Did Cloud and Tifa sleep together?

Following a fade, Cloud and Tifa would exit the ship’s Chocobo stable, Tifa checking around to see if anyone had seen them – the obvious implication being that the two spent their last night together. This idea was rejected for being too “extreme”. Eventually, Tifa fell asleep on Clouds shoulder until dawn.


Is TIFA Cloud’s love interest?

Tifa is clearly an interest, however by the end of game she is more like a close friend with some possible friction. FF7 Advent Children further implies that it’s more of a friendship than what you’re thinking of. Aerith is probably the most hinted at as being a love interest compared to the others.


Do Cloud and Tifa get married?

Not officially. Tifa and Cloud have a very long and complicated history together . They were childhood friends but were not super close as kids. Tifa knew Cloud back when Sephiroth was still Cloud’s hero.


Did they nerf TIFA?

Tifa’s Breasts Size Got ‘Nerfed’


How tall is Tifa Lockhart?

about 5 feet 6 inches

She stands about 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall and has measurements of 36-24-35″ (92-60-88 cm).


What’s the bra size after DDD?

Cup Size Chart

Difference US (United States) UK (United Kingdom)

4” D D

5” DD DD

6” DDD/F E

7” G F

12 more rows


Is TIFA married to Barret?

Background. Barret and Tifa are not shown in the canon to be romantically involved; in supplemental materials, no relationship is shown between the two of them at all. At first glance, some fans have stated that they believed that Barret and Tifa were a married couple, and were surprised to learn that they were not.


Does TIFA have a crush on cloud?

Cloud and Tifa have known each other since childhood, growing up as neighbors in Nibelheim.

The two are childhood friends, and Cloud has had a crush on Tifa since they were young, but this does not mean that Cloud is a good match for Tifa.

Following a childhood accident at Mt.


Why does TIFA wear a mini skirt?

Yeah, dude.

She wears a mini-skirt and a tank top.


The team at Square admitted to making her costume design revealing on purpose to emphasize her more “feminine” attributes.


Does TIFA like Aerith?

Both Tifa and Aerith get fairly equal footing in terms of relationship building, and the pair spend a good deal of time together in Cloud’s party.

They even form a cute friendship, one that’ll inevitably have fans shipping for something more.

Aerith is sassy, relentlessly mocking Cloud in an endearing way.


Was TIFA jealous of Aerith?

Not to mention the fact that both women, not just Tifa, displays moments of slight jealousy.

The only difference is, Aerith actually tries to make Tifa feel jealous, whereas Tifa doesn’t do that to Aerith.


Is TIFA stronger than cloud

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