why is final fantasy 8 not made avilable for the switch?

Is Final Fantasy 8 on the switch?

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered out now on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

The fan-favourite RPG is back with enhanced visuals and brand new features.


Why did Final Fantasy leave Nintendo?

At the time, Sony was spending quite a bit of money to bring games to its upcoming PlayStation system. Generally this came in the form of compensation, i.e. money, for picking up and leaving. So they left, and when Final Fantasy VII exploded like it did, they didn’t really come back.


Will Final Fantasy come to switch?

Square Enix has yet to announce plans to bring the game to Nintendo Switch.

However, an enhanced port of the PS1 version of the game is already available for all your on-the-go and bedtime Final Fantasy needs.


Is there gonna be a FF8 remake?

Final Fantasy 8 is certainly a fine game on its own, but is still held back by its own ambition extending too far.

To be fair, it’s not likely that Final Fantasy 8 will ever see a fully-fledged remake like Final Fantasy 7 has.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Is ff9 switch good?

Simply put: The Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy IX is an inferior version of a superior entry in the series, one that deserves much better from Square.

If you’ve never experienced the game before, then by all means, drop $20 and take the ride — you won’t regret it.


Which Final Fantasy is best on switch?

Best Final Fantasy Games Of All Time

Final Fantasy IV (DS) 8.


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Switch) 8.


Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (Switch eShop) 7.


Review 7/10.

Final Fantasy III (DS) 7.


Review 8/10.

Final Fantasy (NES) 6.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (Switch eShop) 5.


Review 6/10.


Which Final Fantasy game sold the most?

original Final Fantasy VII

The original Final Fantasy VII remains the best-selling mainline Final Fantasy game of all time with about 13.

1 million units sold as of April 2020.

Following VII are Final Fantasy X (10.

5 million), Final Fantasy XV (8.

8 million), Final Fantasy VIII (8.

1 million), and Final Fantasy XIII (7.

7 million), according to IGN.


Why does Final Fantasy have so many sequels?

Since the release of X-2, virtually all the newer Final Fantasy titles have received sequels and other titles set in their universes.

Some of these universes became so fleshed out with sequels, prequels and side-stories that they’ve taken on their own overaching titles.


Why is Final Fantasy so popular?

Final Fantasy became popular because it was the closest you could get to playing D&D – slaying ogres and gaining levels – on a home console.

It remained popular by maintaining its familiar mechanics, and focusing on strong characters and stories.


Is FF7 remake the full game?

Nojima and Nomura designed FF7 Remake to be representative of the entire Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, not just the original game.

It’s the culmination of everything the series has come to mean.


Is there going to be a Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16’s Release Date & Development


Is the Final Fantasy remake on Xbox?

Square Enix already teased Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC


Is there a Chrono Trigger remake?

Chrono Resurrection, also known as Chrono Trigger: Resurrection, is an unreleased fangame developed by North American team Resurrection Games under Nathan Lazur’s direction.

It is based on the critically acclaimed Super NES role-playing game Chrono Trigger by the Japanese company Square.


Will Legend of Dragoon get a remake?

Bluepoint Games and The Legend of Dragoon


What’s better FF8 vs ff9?

ff9 is more straight forward in leveling up and whatnot for me, and in upgrading characters and becoming stronger.

i never grasped the FF8 systems and disliked the draw system and the junction stuff.

ff9 was simple, straightforward, and the story was great too imo.

and the visuals were sick.


Is Final Fantasy 7 or 9 better?

VII is a favorite in a lot of peoples’ eyes and for good reason. That said, I’m partial to IX. I love just about every facet of the game a little more, and the game itself is a more straightforward RPG. The music and graphics in IX are better by merit of development time, so we’ll look past that for now.


Which Final Fantasy is the easiest?

Needless to say, with just a bit of practice and memorization, Final Fantasy IV is the shallowest of the whole series.

A really solid entry, yes, but also the easiest.

The GBA port and especially the Nintendo DS remake provide more options and a steeper difficulty curve, but the original is what matters most.


Is Final Fantasy 9 on switch worth it?

A relic of a time long since past in gaming, Final Fantasy IX is absolutely worth experiencing in its glory on Nintendo Switch.


Which Final Fantasy games are worth playing?

FFIV, FFVI, and FFIX are the quintessential, core Final Fantasy experiences.

If you want to understand the series at its peak, pick one of those – you can go in any order, but all three are essential experiences that stick to classic turn-based combat.


Which is the longest Final Fantasy game?

Every Main Final Fantasy Game Ranked On How Long They Take To Beat

1 Final Fantasy XIV – 122 Hours.

2 Final Fantasy XI – 106 1/2 Hours.

3 Final Fantasy XII – 60 Hours.

4 Final Fantasy XIII – 49 Hours.

5 Final Fantasy X – 48 Hours.

6 Final Fantasy VIII – 42 Hours.

7 Final Fantasy IX – 40 Hours.


Was Final Fantasy 15 a success

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