Why Didn’T Killua Pin Show Up N Metal Detector

Why Didn’T Killua Pin Show Up N Metal Detector Showdown × on × the Airship.

Why was there a needle in Killua’s head? – Illumi put that needle in Killua’s head years ago. – Silva and Zeno knew about the needle from the start. They would have seen it, felt it, etc. – Illumi most likely spun the reason for putting the needle in Killua as a means to further control him.Nov

When did Killua remove the pin? Episode 94 (2011)

Why did Illumi put a needle on Killua? He and his father raised Killua to believe that the only thing sustaining him was darkness and that he could only obtain joy in causing the death of others. As a means of protecting his little brother, Illumi implanted a needle in Killua’s brain, forcing the latter to run from battles he wasn’t sure he could win.

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