Why Did Sasuke Want To Destroy The Hidden Leaf


he wants to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village because he blamed them for causing so much pain and hardship to him and his brother. Will Sasuke ever return to Leaf Village forever (after he finishes atoning for his sins)? It’s Sasuke’s cloak and sword. It could mean that Sasuke is dead.
Without Naruto, Sasuke can destroy the hidden leaf. Do you remember when the Blade was in danger of being destroyed by the moon’s meteorite? Well, the city is out of luck because this guy can drop more than one meteor. Let’s not forget Chidori!!! Alright, I’m done.
Sasuke, being the revengeful asshole that he is, wanted to destroy the village to revenge Itachi’s death, as he believed that the village elders were responsible for Itachi’s death. Uchiha Clan Massacre Let’s take a walk through the mind of the most emo and angsty of our Konoha Rookie Nine.
Sasuke began out for revenge, first killing his brother and then wanting to destroy Konoha after learning the truth about the actions of his brother. and the slaughter of his clan. After meeting a reanimated Itachi and seeing for himself his brother’s loyalty to the Leaf, even after all the suffering.

Why does Hehe want to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village?

Although they were victorious after a great loss, the Leaf people still let the Sand people go even after trying to destroy them, mainly because it was Orochimaru who pulled the strings. Gaara came to after a ruckus.
The city of Sand was suffering greatly economically and the Fourth Kazekage saw this as an opportunity to improve its economic situation by taking control of the Hidden Leaf and also severely weakening the forces of Leaf Shnobi, thus naturally creating more opportunities for Arena shinobi. for the missions.
The city of Arena owed him the Leaf. And Gaara himself owed a personal debt to Naruto for stopping him and making him see things clearly.
Orochimaru obviously had a personal grudge against the Hidden Leaf Village and the Third Hokage, who was also his former mentor. And he was the one who ended his secret experiments when he was still just a leaf shinobi.

Why did Sasuke want to destroy the village?

This was enough for Sasuke to continue pursuing what he saw as avenging his clan who had dishonored his brother. He also says at one point that he could never forgive the way Leaf treated Itachi, even though Itachi himself forgave them. Their treatment of his brother as an exile and a criminal amounts to the ultimate betrayal for him.

Sasuke explicitly says that he will decide his own path, REGARDLESS of his brother’s wishes, and that he will avenge his clan for the way the village betrayed him. . I thought Edo Tensei Itachi would bring him to his senses, but instead he said to Sasuke, “WHATEVER YOU DO, I will always love you.

Sasuke hardly considers the fact that his brother protected Konoha, and by destroying him he would tarnish his brother’s ideals. I’m glad he finally got it…sort of. This is explained after Sasuke hears Itachi’s motives and his desire to preserve Konoha.

Creí que Edo Tensei Itachi lo haría recobrar el sentido, pero en cambio le dijo a Sasuke: SIN IMPORTAR LO QUE HAGAS, siempre te amaré. Esto fue suficiente para que Sasuke siguiera persiguiendo lo que consideraba vengar a su clan que dishonraba a his brother.

Why did the village of leaves abandon the village of sand?

The people of Arena owed the Leaf. And Gaara himself owed Naruto a personal debt for stopping him and making him see things clearly.
The city of sand was suffering a lot economically and the Fourth Kazekage saw an opportunity to improve their economic situation by seizing the Hidden Leaf and severely as well. weakening Leaf Shnobi’s forces, naturally creating more opportunities for sand shinobi to be hired for missions.
Orochimaru obviously had a personal grudge against the Hidden Leaf Village and the Third Hokage, who was also his former mentor. And he was the one who ended his secret experiments when he was still just a leaf shinobi.
The financially weak state of the Sand Village worsened when they realized that the Kazekage had been killed and their team, including their asset, Gaara, had been defeated

Why did the Fourth Kazekage take over the Hidden Leaf?

RasaYondaime Kazekage, literally meaning: Fourth Shadow Wind) of Sunagakure. Renowned for his ability to use gold dust, Rasa’s reign as Kazekage was marked by his frequent suppression of rampages by the one-tailed Shukaku, which he had sealed within his youngest son, Gaara.
Kakashi is currently retired as Hokage. While serving as the First Kazekage, he was killed (the Second Kazekage was thought to be involved) and thus began the Kazekage’s curse. During his time as Kazekage, Sasori challenged and killed Sandaime and used his corpse as his puppet.
The Kazekage’s hat. The Kazekage literally meaning: Shadow of the Wind) is the Kage of Sunagakure, a title given to the head of the village. The Kazekage is generally considered the strongest shinobi in the village.
If the occupant of the position dies or goes missing after a long period of time, the Suna Council elects the next Kazekage. After assuming the duties of the position, they usually move to the Office of the Kazekage. The statues of the previous four Kazekage.

What did the City of Sand owe Naruto?

Characters / Naruto – Hidden Sand Village. Significant name: his Sanpou Kyukai technique is a reference to various Buddhist teaching concepts, his lion-headed Kannon is a reference to a bodhisattva figure, and Monzaemon Chikamatsu was a famous playwright puppeteer who was considered the Shakespeare of his time .
The main city of Naruto has a massive history full of friendship and conflict. There’s a lot fans don’t know about it. When we imagine Konoha, we think of a bright and colorful shinobi town.
Although they were victorious after a great loss, the Leaf people still let the Sand people go even after trying to destroy them, mostly because it was Orochimaru who was pulling the strings. Gaara came to his senses after a rampage.
Like their counterparts, the Sand Village is filled with talented shinobi, but only the strongest and most skilled shinobi can become the village’s Kazekage. There have been five Kazekage throughout Sand’s history, and each of them has won the title.

Why does Orochimaru hate Hidden Leaf Village so much?

After the end of the Fourth Great War, Orochimaru is allowed to roam freely in Leaf Village without being harassed. Encuentro esto extraño porque él es directamente responsible de matar a Hiruzen Saurtobi, an increíblemente querido líder, cuya creencia en La Voluntad de Fuego united a todas las personas en tiempos difíciles.
Orochimaru, para ser un hombre al que le encantaba crear técnicas, hizo much more. destroy in your life. Its very existence has sown chaos and mistrust between nations, and even between close friends. When Naruto, Sasuke, Cho Cho, and Sarada go to Uncle Orochimaru’s hideout, he looks even younger than in the first part.
I started reading naruto manga again. In Chapter 620, Sasuke asks Orochimaru, I know the reason you told me to destroy Leaf Village was a lie. What was the real reason?
Orchimaru is someone who acts on the fly of head. I don’t think he really cared if the city fell or not, although if the leaf fell it would obviously benefit him. For me, it was more about trying to get revenge on his former master. I’m sure he just wanted to kill Hiruzen.

Why does Sasuke want to continue to avenge his clan?

Sasuke spent his formative years seeking revenge first on his brother, then on the Hidden Leaf Village, for decimating the Uchiha clan. He longed to have his own family.
Answer Wiki. To make up for their deeds and sins. Sasuke does not return to the village and spends his time alone and in solitude, protecting the village from outside threats, as his brother Itachi once did. This is also the same reason why Tsunade never implanted an arm in him and he still only has one arm.
Sasuke reached his peak during the Fourth Great Ninja War in Naruto Shippuden. He achieved what no other Uchiha could do, surpassing the greatest: Madara and Itachi. Naruto had Kurama’s help, but Sasuke handled everything on his own. Sasuke was the unsung hero of the war, sealing Kaguya Otsutsuki with Naruto.
Ever since Naruto ended, Sasuke has spent years trying to make up for the chaos, destruction, and pain he caused. While his intentions are noble and his friends are kind enough to forgive him so easily, fans and Konoha residents alike are too quick to redeem Chief Uchiha.


For better or worse, Sasuke is one of the most important people in Naruto’s life, and the two are forever bonded because of it. At first, Naruto and Sasuke seem to come from two completely different worlds. Naruto has been alone since birth, not knowing where he comes from, while Sasuke comes from a long line of brilliant Shinobi. . . Sasuke had a difficult childhood. His older brother, and the person he admired the most, betrayed him and wiped out his entire family. Sasuke grew up wanting closure and revenge, but he didn’t find it the way he expected.
Many of Sasuke’s quotes have different meanings depending on the context in which you read them. Some of his dates actually have evil and evil origins, especially when his intentions were basically to kill everyone and destroy the known shinobi world.
Few characters have a journey as difficult as Sasuke. Whether it’s rejecting love or trying to kill some of his best friends, he clearly has issues. The Naruto series, of course, primarily focuses on a boy named Naruto Uzumaki and his journey to becoming Hokage. However, the anime has a deuteragonist who is also an integral part of the main story.

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