Why Did Eren Want To Destroy The World


However, other fans said that maybe Eren doesn’t want to destroy the world, but it’s something he has to do. It is once again, in line with his dream of freedom. After becoming a Titan, Eren already knows he doesn’t have much time left.
Of course, not everyone was to blame, but according to Eren, in order for Paradis to be safe from the world, he had to destroy everything. them in a worldwide genocidal event leaving the eldian paradises to The point is that Eren always faced his enemies from the beginning and swore to eradicate all his enemies.
He would have his mother to keep him sane after all. Oh god, Eren is fucking Anakin Skywalker, haunted by his mother’s death. Anyway, long story short, Eren hasn’t gone evil, his goals have just changed to be a bit more socially unacceptable. For us, as outsiders, wanting to destroy the world is wrong, but in the AoT world, it’s reasonable.
In this article, we are going to tell you why Eren Yeager really wanted to destroy the world in Attack on Titan. Eren Yeager doesn’t really want to destroy the world, even though he seems to do so and destroys a large part of the population.

Did Eren become evil during the attack on Titan?

Is Eren bad in Attack on Titan? (And what led up to it?) Eren Yeager is the most important character in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan. The guy has gone from being the show’s main protagonist to its most dangerous antagonist, and despite that, the fandom is still unsure of his role in the story.

When Attack on Titan started, Eren Yeager was the main protagonist of the series. However, over the years he became an antagonist, being the final enemy that many other main characters would fight against, including his friends.

Eren seemed to be the first person to receive this ability, making him a peer. a greater threat than normal titans. Some people around him even feared his powers and wanted him executed, knowing that one day he might launch an attack on humanity.

The thing about Eren is that he started out as the protagonist and one of the biggest and noblest in the series. hero He was the victim of a tragedy, an orphan who saw how a titan ate his mother, someone who swore revenge on monstrosities and someone who promised peace to humans.

Does Eren Yeager really want to destroy the world in Attack on Titan?

Our main villain Eren Yeager put a big twist on his original character introduced in Season 1. Eren went from a boy who swore to destroy the Titans to a villain who wants to destroy most of the world without Paradise Island .
Sin However, other fans said Eren might not want to destroy the world, but it’s something he has to do. It is once again, in line with his dream of freedom. After becoming a Titan, Eren already knows he doesn’t have much time left.
Well, who are we kidding? This is the most important of the franchise. Eren’s performance shaped the story of Attack on Titan from the start and what started with Eren’s anger ended with Eren’s death. Meanwhile, we follow Eren’s rise and fall from hero to anti-hero.
Eren Yeager’s betrayal of humanity is a hotly debated topic. Eren began his story by swearing revenge against the Titans and swearing to protect the remnants of humanity inside the Three Walls. And for years he did his best to save humans.

Is Eren evil in attack on titan?

Eren eventually became Attack on Titan’s greatest villain, but even before that he did some bad deeds. Eren Jaeger started out as a hot-tempered but lovable protagonist of Attack on Titan, before gradually slipping into a state of no return.
When Eren and Mikasa were younger, he killed their captors and encouraged her to indulge in the same violence. Even if it was to defend someone else, it’s still troubling that Eren was so willing to resort to violence at a young age. In hindsight, this indicates that he became a violent antagonist at the end of Attack on Titan.
Eren seemed to be the first person to be given this ability, making him an even greater threat than normal titans. Some people around him even feared his powers and wanted him executed, knowing that one day he might launch an attack on humanity.
You could say he has no choice in what he does. fact, as the Attack Titan he possesses essentially converges the past, present, and future into a single timeline, forcing Eren to make some pretty risky decisions.

Is Eren Yeager the main character in Attack on Titan?

Eren Yeager is at the center of Attack on Titan and can be called the main character. From his progression through Season 1, discovering that he can transform into a titan, to becoming the villain of Season 4 declaring war on the world, Eren Yeager’s story is both highly complicated and well-written. where it all started from, but one of the biggest game changers is Eren Yeager, the anime’s protagonist. Eren has never been afraid to stand up for what he believes in, but as those beliefs change and he grows more powerful, he becomes Attack on Titan’s most dangerous character.
Eren Jaeger is unique in that sense that he is perhaps one of the least intelligent characters at the start of the series. As a cadet, he repeatedly acts without thinking, putting himself and his fellow cadets in danger. However, over time, he becomes increasingly self-aware and strategic as he unlocks the secrets of the Attack Titan.
Even the main character, Eren Yeager, is not exempt. In fact, he currently vacillates precariously between hero and villain, with the series proving once again that he doesn’t care about the viewer’s notions of right or wrong.

Is Eren a hero or a villain?

In a recent interview with Polygon, Bryce Papenbrook, the voice behind Eren in the English dub of Attack on Titan, opened up about his thoughts on the character’s moral alignment and whether he’s a villain or a hero. I don’t know. I haven’t decided how I feel about him yet, the actor said. I think Attack on Titan does that very well.
Eren Yeager was the main protagonist of the Attack On Titan universe, though it’s important to note that he’s not explicitly the hero of it. Towards the end of the series, he grew increasingly evil until his allies were finally forced to turn against him.
Eren’s life was defined by tragedy. Born when the kingdom was attacked by titans , he believed that his people were the last of the human race. At a young age, killing other humans to save Mikasa from a terrible fate.
Although Eren Jaeger has been the protagonist of Attack on Titan for a long time , he became the last antagonistic body and fighting dangerous titans outside the walls of Paradis became a mass murderer who nearly destroyed the entire world with titans far more powerful than those he killed.


The cataclysmic anti-villain Eren Yeager (Eren Jaeger in the anime) is the main protagonist of the Attack on Titan series. He is a former member of the Survey Corps, the leader of the Yeagerists, the current heir to the Attack Titan, and later revealed to be the Founding Titan as well.
Overall, Eren Yeager has access to power and to the base abilities of a Titan. However, having access to the Attack, Foundation, and Warhammer Titans, Eren also possesses special abilities granted by these three Titans. Superhuman Strength: As a Titan, Eren has displayed strength far beyond human capabilities on several occasions.
He never believed what he was doing was right, like a bad guy would. It was all about protecting his people and his home while fighting for freedom, no more and no less. Does this mean that Eren is a hero? Absolutely, it’s for the people of Paradis and possibly some Marley Eldians at the end of Attack on Titan.
Eren Yeager was likely named after the Attack Titan’s first known heir, Eren Kruger. Ironically, Eren would later use Kruger’s last name when infiltrating Marley, introducing himself as Eren Kruger. Hajime Isayama designed Eren’s Attack Titan form after Japanese martial artist Yœshin Okami.

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