why are eithers so rare in final fantasy 4

Why are ethers so expensive?


Where can I buy ethers in Final Fantasy 4?

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years


What is ether in Final Fantasy?

Edit. The Ether (エーテル, ēteru), also known as Ether1 and Tincture, is a recurring item from the series. It restores a small amount of Magic Points to one character. It appears in most Final Fantasy games except Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy VIII.


Where can I buy dry ether ff1?

They can be dropped from the Tiny Mage enemy, as well as various other enemies, mainly the Mage-type monsters.

They can also be bought for 50,000 gil in the final chapter in the Depths or Lunar Whale.


How do you replenish MP in FFX?

You can recover everyone’s HP and MP at any inn.

Look for a house in town with an “INN” sign.

A good way to save MP for boss fights is to use Sleep or Darkness instead of attack spells.

You simply don’t have enough MP to use an attack spell every turn in every encounter.


Can you buy ethers in ff9?

You can’t buy them at any shop.

You can synth them at the secret synther Hades near the very end of the game (from an echo screen and a vaccine) but that isn’t very useful as you essentially need to finish the game to get there.


Where can I steal ethers FFX?

re: where do you get ethers


Can you buy ethers ff4?

Yep, you can’t buy ether at this point in the game.

, you can buy all the ether you want.


What is ether remake ff7?

Ether is a consumable item in Final Fantasy VII Remake, this item restores mana to the user or to other party members.


Why is it called Phoenix Down?

Phoenix Tail), sometimes known as Fenix Down or Life, is a recurring common item in the Final Fantasy series. The “Down” refers to the down feathers of a bird, the undercoat of feathers beneath the visible layer on top. The down feathers of a Phoenix would return people from the dead as a Phoenix itself does.


How many Kupo nuts do I give MOG?

five Kupo Nuts

The player must feed Mog five Kupo Nuts so he can learn to fly. If he is overfed, he’ll fail. Mog will make a squeaking sound different than the sounds he made before when he has had the right number of Kupo Nuts.


What is dry ether?

Hint: Diethyl ether that is completely devoid of water is known as dry ether. Ether has a tendency to absorb moisture from the environment. Distilling ether over sodium metal yields dry ether.


How do you bribe in ffx2?

Bribe is a skill of the Lady Luck dress sphere, which is obtained by winning the Sphere Break Tournament in Luca in Chapter 3.

For the achievement, simply use the skill 30 times; they do not have to be successful bribes, so misses count, too.


What does Ether do in Pokemon Red?

It restores the PP of a Pokémon’s selected move by a maximum of 10 points. This medicine can restore 10 PP to a single selected move that has been learned by a Pokémon.


Will ether kill you?

Toxic exposures to ethers (as with other anesthetics) can occur through inhalation, eye or skin contact, and ingestion.

The effect of ether is dose-dependent.

Laryngospasm, loss of consciousness, and death may result.


What are the side effects of ether?

The effect of ether is dose-dependent.

Symptoms consist of skin, eye, and mucosal irritation leading to an increase in bronchial secretions.

Dizziness, drowsiness, bradycardia, hypothermia, or acute excitement may also occur.

Laryngospasm, loss of consciousness, and death may result.


How long does it take ether to knock you out?

In concentrations of 3–5% in air, an anesthetic effect can slowly be achieved in 15–20 minutes of breathing approximately 15–20 ml of ether, depending on body weight and physical condition. Ether causes a very long excitation stage prior to blacking out.


How do you increase MP in Demon’s Souls?

How to increase MP.

MP can be increased intrinsically by adding points to the Intelligence stat when leveling up.

Each Point you assign to Intelligence increases your Max MP.

In Demon’s Souls, some attributes provide diminishing returns, meaning that higher levels will provide you fewer benefits.


How do you increase MP in FF7?

MP Recovery Techniques in FF7 Remake’s Hard Mode

Break Shinra Boxes for Mako Shards (these respawn, and will do so immediately if you save and reload)

Use Aerith’s Soul Drain skill.


Is there MP in ff8?

Each character can only equip a certain amount of spells per level. Final Fantasy VIII uses a draw system, in which spells must be stocked. A few games, including Final Fantasy XIII and Dissidia Final Fantasy, have no MP system, and as such magic spells can be cast at no cost.


How do I kill behemoth FFX

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