Who Would Win In A Fight Goku Or Thanos

Who Would Win In A Fight Goku Or Thanos

Can Goku beat Thanos? Although often asked, the question of ‘can Goku beat Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet’ has a clear and easy answer. Goku can easily beat an Infinity Gauntlet-less Thanos, as the Saiyan’s expertise in all things fighting give him a clear-cut advantage.

Can ultra instinct Goku beat Thanos? If Goku wants to inflict some pain on Thanos, he has to use his Ultra Instinct form wisely and attack him for his weaknesses rather than anywhere else. It could very well turn out to be the case that even after fighting for an hour, Goku isn’t even able to get a drop of blood out of Thanos’ body.

Who would win in a fight Goku vs Thor? Who wins ? However, if we compare the two of them in their most powerful forms, Goku has no chance of emerging victorious against Rune King Thor. No matter how powerful his Ultra Instinct could become when he is enraged, this version of Thor has proven to be several times stronger than Goku.

Who Would Win In A Fight Goku Or Thanos – Related Questions

Who would win in a fight Vegeta or Thanos?

1 Winner: Thanos

On top of that, Thanos’ skin is built like a rock and he is invulnerable to the point of immortality. Vegeta will only stand a chance if he plays his cards right and saves enough stamina to take the battle as deep as possible.

Can Goku beat the Avengers?

If a battle takes place between our beloved heroes from Marvel in the Avengers and the Protagonist of Dragon Ball Goku, Avengers wouldn’t be able to get the upper hand because of the vastly different level of power in both universes. Avengers would not be able to beat Goku.

Who can defeat Goku infinity?

SAITAMA (ONE PUNCH MAN) can beat goku with its brute force.

Can The Flash beat Goku?

Even though the Flash is a great superhero with his own unique powers and abilities, the fact is that he cannot do anything to defeat Goku. If he can’t even defeat Superman in a fight, he won’t have a chance against a much stronger opponent in the form of Goku, who is exponentially stronger than Superman.

Who would win Goku or Marvel?

Galactus may have immense power, but he needs to constantly feed on planetary-levels of energy to sustain it. Goku, on the other hand, often reaches his most powerful form when he’s at the very end of his rope. So while Galactus would get weaker as the fight went on, Goku would get stronger, giving him the edge.

Can Goku beat Iron Man?

7 Defeat: Iron Man

Tony Stark’s big brain will have a better chance of winning against Ultra Instinct Goku rather than his Iron Man suit. His energy blasts will not do damage whatsoever to Goku in his normal form, let alone Ultra Instinct.

Who would win Doctor Strange or Goku?

In a physical fight, Goku would annihilate Doctor Strange because he is not a hand-to-hand fighter, but Strange doesn’t need to rely on his fists to beat Goku. As a master of the mystic arts, Dr. Strange’s source of power comes from magic, and with it, he can use a multitude of abilities.

Can Odin beat Goku?

Odin dominates Goku in intelligence and battle strategy. If there’s anyone who can think their way around Goku’s massive advantages, it’s Odin. Goku beats Odin in physical capabilities, but Odin might just be too smart for him.

Who would win Captain Marvel or Goku?

When it comes to pure brute strength, Ultra Instinct Goku easily trumps Captain Marvel. After reaching the level he did, Goku made some Gods of Destruction feel uneasy. Therefore, one can imagine the scope of how strong Goku can get with Ultra Instinct within his reach.

Can Beerus beat Thanos?

3) Lord Beerus

The God of Destruction of Universe 7, Lord Beerus, would not struggle for a second against Thanos. His excellent hand-to-hand combat skills combined with his inherent strength would be enough to overpower him. There would not be a need for him to use Hakai.

Who wins Thor or Vegeta?

Thor won because he’s a natural blonde. Wiz: Despite Vegeta’s immense power and tenacity, the God of Thunder had him outmatched in several key areas. Boomstick: First off, the big one, who was stronger? Wiz: Despite being up against the God of Strength, Vegeta actually matched up pretty closely with Thor.

Who is stronger Jiren or Thanos?

With all Jiren’s feats and powers at a universal level, he would destroy Thanos easily. Even if Thanon had the Gauntlet and Jiren knows about it, Jiren alone with one powerful blast could easily wipe out an entire universe. Thanos couldn’t even snap his fingers fast enough to erase Jiren.

Can Goku beat Loki?

Goku is not ready for a foe as crafty as Loki is. Goku isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, and Loki would take advantage of that. He’d easily outsmart the Saiyan and enmesh him in traps that all of his powers wouldn’t be able to help him against. Goku would lose this one before it even began.

Can Goku beat Wanda?

In terms of speed, Ultra Instinct Goku easily has the advantage over Scarlet Witch. Her speed ranks as a 2 on the Marvel Wiki, which is fairly low for a superhuman. He easily outspeeds her in this regard, whether using Ultra Instinct or another transformation.

Can Goku beat Spider Man?

The original version of Spider-Man is considered by many to be the face of Marvel but that doesn’t make him anywhere near the title of Marvel’s strongest. Compared to a monster like Goku, Spider-Man is outclassed in nearly every way. Goku is leagues ahead of him in terms of raw strength and speed.

Can Madara beat Goku?

Madara was defeated within the borders of his own universe and is not its strongest character. On the other hand, Goku is one of the strongest characters in his own universe, and while Madara could keep up to a certain point, he would ultimately lose to Goku.

Who can solo Goku?

12 Anime Characters Who Can Easily Beat Goku
Saitama from One Punch Man. .
Nanika from Hunter x Hunter. .
Eri from My Hero Academia. .
Ryuk from Death Note. .
Shigeo Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100. .
Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. .
Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass. .
Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto.

Who can beat Goku ultra instinct Marvel?

Hercules is the Olympian God of Strength and he might be one of the unique ones on this list capable enough of matching and overpowering Ultra Instinct Goku in terms of pure strength. Being a Half-God, Hercules is nigh-omnipotent and invulnerable to almost anything.

Can Goku lift Mjolnir?

Yes, Dragon Ball’s Goku Could Lift Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir.

Who is faster than Goku?

One-Punch Man Is Officially Faster Than Goku (& It’s Not Even Close) Thanks to learning the Zero Causality Fist, the pinnacle of Garou’s martial arts, Saitama is now theoretically MUCH faster than Dragon Ball’s Goku.

Is Sonic faster than Goku?

While both of them have several different versions, each one more powerful than the other one, Goku is ultimately a much better fighter with a wider array of different skills; he may not be faster than Sonic in every form, but he is definitely stronger.

Can Goku beat Shazam?

9 Can’t Beat: Shazam

Shazam is already what Goku would be like if he were in the DC Universe (except for the whole being a kid thing). While Shazam isn’t as well trained in hand to hand combat, he more than makes up with in raw strength and the power of lightning attacks.

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