Who Has The Same Voice Actor As Killua

Who Has The Same Voice Actor As Killua

Who has the same English voice as killua? Cristina Valenzuela is the English dub voice of Killua Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission, and Mariya Ise is the Japanese voice.

Who is killua voiced by? Mariya Ise
Hunter × Hunter

Kanako Mitsuhashi
Hunter × Hunter
Killua Zoldyck/Voiced by

Does killua have different voice actors? Cristina Valenzuela is the English dub voice of Killua Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter (2011), and Mariya Ise is the Japanese voice.

Who Has The Same Voice Actor As Killua – Related Questions

Do killua and Ray have the same VA?

ray has the same va as killua so I had to draw him in some of killua’s outfits | Neverland, Hunter anime, Anime crossover.

How old is killua?

8 Killua Zoldyck (12 Years Old)

Is Gon voiced by a girl?

Megumi Han
Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge

Junko Takeuchi
Hunter × Hunter

Erica Mendez
Hunter × Hunter
Gon Freecss/Voiced by

When did killua’s voice change?

At or around episode 17 Killua’s voice, in the American dubbed version, is noticeably deeper than previous episodes.

Do Gon and killua have the same voice actor?

Anime fans might recognize this duo as they have both provided voices for many huge anime series and characters over their career. They most notably worked together on the Hunter x Hunter anime series, with Han providing the voice of Gon and Ise performing for Killua.

Who plays kurapika?

Miyuki Sawashiro
Hunter × Hunter

Erika Harlacher
Hunter × Hunter
Kurapika/Voiced by

What is killua’s blood type?

Killua is AB: Best traits: Creative, calm, rational, sociable, intelligent and adaptable.

Who voices dubbed Gon?

Erica Mendez is the English dub voice of Gon Freecss in Hunter x Hunter (2011), and Megumi Han is the Japanese voice.

Who plays Gon Freecss?

Megumi Han
Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge

Junko Takeuchi
Hunter × Hunter

Erica Mendez
Hunter × Hunter
Gon Freecss/Voiced by

Why do all anime voices sound the same?

Stand by those exact numbers but the general sentiment behind them is that immersion gets brokenMore

Do all anime have the same voice actors?

If you didn’t already know, a lot of anime characters share the same voice actors or seiyuus. It’s pretty impressive work, too, especially when you realize that one voice actor can play two or more characters that sound or act entirely different from each other.

Who does Xingqiu share a VA with?

May it be in the English, Japanese, or even the Chinese versions of Genshin Impact, VAs play a key role in providing playable characters with distinct personalities. One such memorable character is Bennett of Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild, who is voiced by Cristina Vee Valenzuela, who is also the VA for Xingqui.

Who does Killua fall in love with?

(chapter 199) This scene is just… So romantic in nature. I’m not too objective on this, but I really do believe that this moment is the exact moment Killua fell in love with Gon and started to realize he felt a bit more than friendship towards him.

Is Killua taller than Gon?

Killua Zoldyck is only slightly taller than Gon at 5’2.2″ (158 cm) though he is the same age as him at 12 years old. Killua has a more defined physical build than Gon due to his intense assassin training. Kurapika Kurta is significantly taller and older than his friends at 17 years old and 5’7.3″ (171 cm).

How tall is Killua in season 6?

16 Hunter x Hunter Characters Statistics Chart
Character Age Height
Killua Zoldyck 12 158 cm (5′2″)
Kurapika Kurta 17 171 cm (5’7″)
Leorio Paradinight 19 193 cm (6’3″)
Hisoka Morrow 28 187 cm (6’2″)
11 more rows•

Why didn’t they make kurapika a girl?

This is because in Japanese culture, girls prefer the cute and kind type to the more masculine. Many viewers a**umed that he was a girl because of his voice. Kurapika can be described as a male gender. It’s been confirmed by the entire team Hunter x Hunter And by the voice actor Noriko Hidaka.

Why do anime girls have boy voices?

Employing a female seiyuu allows the character a high-pitched, youthful, cute sound, and the series can go on for decades without any need to replace the voice (whereas if a young male had been cast, his voice might break and become too low for the character).

Is Gon Freecss Japanese?

Gon Freecss (Japanese: ゴン=フリークス, Hepburn: Gon Furīkusu) is an athletic, naïve, and friendly boy.

What did Killua have in his head?

– At the time of the palace battle when Zeno encounters Killua, it had been approximately 40-60 days since Killua had removed the needle from his head. – Zeno’s observation and Silva’s comment shows that neither of them was informed that Killua had remove

How long is Killua Godspeed?

Keybind Name Cooldown
G Godspeed 50 seconds
H Onslaught 15 seconds
F Instant Death 15 seconds
V Speed of Lightning 2.5 seconds
10 more rows

How strong is Killua Godspeed?

One of Killua’s strongest abilities is known as Godspeed that allows him to respond to all incoming threats automatically and move extremely fast. Although Killua looks invincible in this form, there are some characters who are stronger than he is and can, therefore, defeat him.

What arc is Season 3 HXH?

This arc, known as The Yorknew City Arc or The Phantom Troupe Arc, ran from July 15th to December 9th of 2012. It features the season one cast (Gon, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika) reuniting in Yorknew City while they continue to pursue their own goals.

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