Who Did Killua Kill In Season 1

Who Did Killua Kill In Season 1 9 He Murders One Of The Other Contestants In The Hunter Licensing Exam. Killua kills Bodoro during the Hunter Exam, despite the fact that it’s against the rules to do so. After stabbing him through the chest from behind, he is disqualified from the Exam, and he therefore fails.

How many did Killua kill? Killua kills a mass murderer who has killed more than 140 peopleAll rights are Owned by Viz Media, Madhouse entertainment and Yoshihiro Togashi.

Did Killua kill people? Leorio judges him to be dangerous, but to Killua it is obvious that he has never killed anyone.

Why did Killua kill Leorios opponent? Killua could not just quit the hunter exam at that point. By killing the opponent he did, he helped Leorio while also furthering his own goal (i.e. being disqualified)

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Did Killua kill Leorio?

Overview. Leorio ends up losing to Leroute in a bet, causing the team to get 50 hours penalty. Meanwhile, Killua must encounter Johness, but without fear, Killua killed him in an instant.

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