What If Himiko Toga Was Good

What If Himiko Toga Was Good

Is Himiko Toga good? Overall, Himiko is a crafty and manipulative villain. While she has no clear fighting style, it is clear that she is a dangerous fighter, as she was shown to fight rather aggressively against Midoriya during the Hero License Exam arc.

Why is Himiko Toga the best? Himiko Toga’s quirk allows her to morph into the likeness of anyone whose blood she has consumed. That gives her a lot of options, such as spying on the enemy or stabbing them in the back. It’s always tense when Himiko is around, because there’s no telling whose face she’s wearing until she shows herself for an ambush.

Is Himiko Toga LGBT? Himiko Toga is a bisexual character from My Hero Academia.

What If Himiko Toga Was Good – Related Questions

What is Himiko Toga scared of?

Himiko is afraid she’ll be killed or captured, but All For One uses Magne’s Quirk to send everyone toward Himiko.

Can toga Himiko copy quirks?

As we know by now, Toga’s Quirk Awakening allow her to copy quirks. The fact that her quirk relies on blood samples and that the duration depends on the amount, makes her copy quirk more dangerous than Monoma’s copy quirk. Toga can harvest and store blood samples, while using them depending on the situation.

Does Toga lose an eye?

Following the battle with the Meta Liberation Army, Himiko appears to have damaged her right eye and wears a black eyepatch over it. She also wears a new coat, given to her by Skeptic, to replace the one she damaged in her fight against Curious.

Can Toga use one for all?

She used this power to kill Curious. One For All: Izuku’s Quirk. It grants the user a massive strength boost. It is highly unlikely that Toga will use this Quirk in the future, and if she does, it would most likely wreck her body due to being untrained for it.

What is Himiko Toga’s first name?

It’s Himiko. Most of the characters in the show go by their last names (Kyouka goes by Jirou, Katsuki by Bakugou, Tenya by Iida, Eijirou by Kirishima, etc), as is common in Japan outside of close friends and relatives. Her first name is Himiko.

Why do togas act like?

Toga was born with the Transform Quirk, which gives her shapeshifting abilities. However, it requires her to consume a certain amount of blood. This caused her to have a very unhealthy interest in blood, especially in her formative years.

How old was Toga when she ran away?

Curious openly details Toga’s past before she became a murderer in Chapter 225 of the series, and fans realize that Toga is 17 an ran away from home just after graduating middle school.

Do togas like twice?

Twice developed feelings for her because of the sympathy she showed him during the their time as Yakuza, calling her his soulmate after she repaired his mask.

Who is Toga in love with?

After all, it turns out Toga has fallen for Ochaco Uraraka, and fans are happy to hear it.

Can Toga copy Deku’s quirk?

However their Quirk can never copy One For All, because OFA is a Quirk of “accumulating power and transferable to other people”, that’s why Monoma can’t use Deku’s power because he only copied a stockpile Quirk that hasn’t accumulate any power yet.

Does Himiko need blood?

Since Himiko’s Quirk requires blood, she keeps a supply of those she has collected in her utility belt. Furthermore, her support gear also allows her to easily drain and ingest the blood of others through her needles and mask, granting her quicker transformation.

How long can Toga stay transformed?

The Quantity of Blood Toga Consumes Enhances Her Transform

For example, one cup of blood allows her to transform into that person for about one day. That means whatever she ingests acts as a kind of fuel that she burns through as time passes.

Are Toga siblings?

While that theory may or may not be true, its basicly confirmed toga has atleast one older brother and one younger sister. She was refered as ‘eldest daughter’. Not ‘Eldest child’ or ‘only child’, or even ‘only daughter’, but ‘eldest daughter’.

How old is Toga Himiko now?

It was there fans learned new facts about several of its members, so you can rejoice! At long last, fans have an official age for Toga! According to summaries, Toga is 17 years old, and her hobbies are said to involve blood and pomegranates.

How did Aizawa lose his eyes?

In the aftermath of the battle, Shota now has a second scar on his eye stretching from his eyebrow to his lower eyelid, as well an eyepatch covering his right eye entirely, due to the damage received from Tomura.

What does Toga do with DEKU’s blood?

Her quirk allows her to change her appearance into someone else as long as she ingests their blood. She then tells Shigaraki and the others that she’s been successful in obtaining Midoriya’s blood.

Does Bakugo keep one for all?

Despite the transfer process, he can no longer use One For All. There’s no reason to believe he even holds a duplicate version of the OFA Quirk. Midoriya is still the rightful owner of this power.

Does Bakugo get OFA?

Bakugou quickly explains everything there is to know, and right before All For One kills his brother, Bakugou receives OFA and flees the scene.

What does Toga mean in Japanese?

blame, censure, reprimand.

Is Toga a surname?

The surname Toga (Hassaniya-Arabic: ﺗﻮﻛﻪ, Hindi: तोगा, Marathi: तोगा, Oriya: େତାଗ) occurs more in Pakistan more than any other country/territory. It may occur as:. For other potential spellings of this surname click here.

Who is the traitor in MHA?

Yuga Aoyama
Traitor” is revealed to be Yuga Aoyama. He was born Quirkless, and with his parents both coming from wealthy backgrounds, they made a deal with All For One to give him his Navel Laser Quirk in a desperate move to grant their son a happy, successful life.

Who was Toga’s first crush?

Izuku’s green hair makes him easy to spot while Toga’s crush rocks black hair. Obviously, their clothes differ as Saito is rocking a school uniform, but he has a fiery personality. The boy is shown picking a fight at school, and this bullish behavior does suit Izuku.

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