What If Goku Went Super Saiyan As A Kid

What If Goku Went Super Saiyan As A Kid

What if Goku was not a Saiyan? Everything until the Saiyan Saga would be normal. Goku would marry ChiChi and have Gohan, who would be much weaker than normal. Raditz would never arrive to Earth, neither would Nappa or Vegeta, and that means that Goku would never die, therefore he would never train with King Kai.

Who is the youngest Saiyan to go Super Saiyan? Goten
Goten. Goten is abnormally strong for his age and small stature. He is light years ahead of where Goku was when he was the same age in the first Dragon Ball saga. He is the youngest person to ever become a Super Saiyan, a title that was previously held by his older brother, Gohan.

Can Goku Jr go Super Saiyan God? Both Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. are able to achieve Super Saiyan.

What If Goku Went Super Saiyan As A Kid – Related Questions

Why can’t Kid Goku use instant transmission?

1. Goku has to be able to sense someone’s ki to do Instant Transmission, and Supreme Kai’s Planet is too far away. 2.

Can Broly beat Jiren?

Broly would win in a fight against Jiren. Both of these villains are extremely powerful and they are on a grand scale, but as was informally confirmed out-of-universe, Broly was the strongest non-deity villain that Goku and his friends fought, meaning that he is significantly stronger than Jiren.

Can Broly go ultra instinct?

With the power the Legendary Super Saiyan displayed during Dragon Ball Super: Broly, there’s little doubt he has the power to reach Ultra Instinct. While control of his power is still the biggest obstacle, Broly could easily learn this with time.

Can pan turn SSJ?

Assuming you are referring to GT Pan, yes she can. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. are more human and less saiyan than Pan, yet they both managed to transform into super saiyans.

Who is the weakest Saiyan?

Shugesh is certainly one of the weakest Saiyans in Dragon Ball, and considering his inability to survive the initial ambush, he is undoubtedly the most useless on his team.

Why does Super Saiyan God look younger?

SSJ God does something more unique to the user than just giving him Godly Ki. It requiers a ritual to achieve it. It gives the user a slimmer body tone, darker skin color, taller height, fully formed eyes, it makes the user even more youtful and younger looking. Plus it gives them the ability to heal themselves.

What does Super Saiyan 5 look like?

Appearance. Super Saiyan 5 is takes resemblance of Super Saiyan 3, and Super Saiyan 4. The red color of the Super Saiyan 4’s tail and fur turns to a gold color and power naturally radiates off of the person. The hair and tail are lengthened as well, giving an appearance similar to a Super Saiyan 3.

Why does Goku Jr have a tail?

Since Goku Jr. has a tail, he has the ability to transform into a Great Ape. After gaining his tail, Pan trained him so he would have control over his primal power, which includes a limited control over the Great Ape transformation.

How much is a Saiyan Pan?

1/4 Saiyan
Despite being only 1/4 Saiyan, Pan is somewhat more dedicated to her martial arts training, though this is likely due to the influence of her family and growing up around some of Universe 7’s most powerful martial artists. It may also be due to her status as the granddaughter of Mr.

Why can’t Goku use ultra instinct?

The in-story reason for this is provided in the Dragon Ball Super manga series. Speaking with Vegeta, Goku reveals that ever since the Tournament of Power ended, he’s been unable to repeat his Ultra Instinct transformation, implying that the power can only be used in the direst of situations.

Is Goku the only one who can teleport?

Instant Transmission enables Goku to travel great distances in seconds just by concentrating on even the faintest ki signature and teleporting to its location. He’s used this technique to get himself out of trouble many times, but over the years, fans saw that Goku wasn’t the only fighter with access to this technique.

What can Goku do that Vegeta can t?

Goku can dodge and return attacks as they come to him with minimal effort, shocking even the likes of Jigen. Unfortunately for Vegeta, he isn’t able to tap into this form. This alone proves Goku has potential not just to be a god, but become a God of Destruction like Beerus.

Can Jiren beat Gogeta?

Jiren can increase his power to keep pace with Gogeta the same way Broly did, only Jiren can do so with much more strategy and endurance. In short, Jiren is potentially every bit Gogeta’s equal in both power and battle strategy.

Can Jiren beat Beerus?

1) Beerus. Although Jiren is said to be able to defeat a God of Destruction, it’s unlikely Beerus is at risk of suffering that defeat. Beerus has yet to use 100% of his powers in Dragon Ball Super thus far, whereas Jiren at 100% struggled against Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI) Goku.

Who will win Beerus or Jiren?

Beerus would certainly defeat Jiren, despite the fact that Jiren is supposed to be stronger than a God of Destruction. While Jiren may be physically stronger than Beerus, Beerus’ powers are on a grander level and we have never even seen him at his full potential, which is absolutely destructive.

Can Goku do hakai?

Super Saiyan Blue Goku can use the Hakai in Dragon Ball Heroes. In World Mission, Goku’s Hakai Super Attack is localized as Destruction, however as the game lacks an English dub, Goku still refers to it as “Hakai” when performing the technique.

What Egyptian God is Beerus?

Why Does Lord Beerus Look This Way? Beerus’ design is based on the Egyptian gods Anubis and Sekhmet. Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of healing and would protect the pharaohs and lead them into battle. She has the head of a lioness, which the shape of Beerus’ head resembles.

Can Mui beat Broly?

In other words MUI is not for drawn out fights, yet Broly can surpass each previous state. So although Goku’s reaction speed in MUI is faster than Broly’s , Broly would have the power advantage and another in durability as well. Overall, I would say Broly would win.

Why didn’t Pan have a tail?

We can assume this was also done to Pam, if she was born with a tail. However the reason for these characters not having tails was because Toriyama simply forgot that Goten and Trunks were meant to have tails. The same probably happened when the GT animators drew Pam.

Is there a female Super Saiyan?

Caulifla is the first female Saiyan to become a Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 in the mainstream Dragon Ball series. She is also the first female Saiyan to achieve Super Saiyan Third Grade as well as the first Saiyan in Universe 6 to achieve this form.

Can Gohan go Super Saiyan blue?

Gohan’s plan is to get stronger by focusing on his Ultimate form, which means that he’s unlikely to ever achieve – or even attempt to achieve – the Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue transformations.

How old do Saiyans live?

Saiyans can live up to 200 years and 1/2 to 1/4 Saiyans are truly much better fighters than pure blooded ones. questions and critics are encouraged.

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