what happens to shirou emiya

In the Normal ending, Shirou sacrifices himself to destroy the Greater Grail. In the True ending, Illya sacrifices herself to close the Greater Grail and save Shirou from dying to his arm’s effects. He then lives peacefully with Sakura.

Who does emiya Shirou end up with?

As Memor stated the ending of the very first route of Fate Stay Night (Fate route) is “the Last Episode”, where Shirou and Saber live happily ever after in Avalon, a magical paradise where it will be just the 2 of them as a couple.


Did Shirou die in fate?

As she passes on, Illya reunites with the spirit of her mother Irisviel. In the aftermath, Rin and Sakura revive Shirou by giving his recovered soul an artificial body provided by Touko Aozaki.


Does Shirou end up becoming Archer?

Anyways, the answer is NO, he’s not Archer. Nasu blatantly says so in the manuscript. In interviews he says the chance is so close to 0 it isn’t worth mentioning. Here he just says he won’t become Archer and before that he says Shirou and Rin will have their happily ever after.


What happened to Shirou after Unlimited Blade Works?

After the True End of Unlimited Blade Works route, he is working part-time at the mansion of Rin’s rival Luviagelita Edelfelt. Shirou does not end up as his alternative future self at the end of the three scenarios.


Do Rin and Shirou have a child?

Hajime is the daughter of Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka, showing promise in Magecraft and somewhat of a prodigy.


Who slept with Shirou?

As noted in a clip shared by Reddit user derpinat0rz (note the clip is very NSFW), the film features a sex scene between Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou. The new Heaven’s Feel film trilogy adapts the Heaven’s Feel route of the original light novel, which features Sakura Matou as the main love interest.


How did Shirou die?

In the Normal ending, Shirou sacrifices himself to destroy the Greater Grail. In the True ending, Illya sacrifices herself to close the Greater Grail and save Shirou from dying to his arm’s effects. He then lives peacefully with Sakura.


Who is the strongest in Fate?

1 Gilgamesh

He is considered the strongest Heroic Spirit, and the main source of his power is his Noble Phantasm, Gate of Babylon. It allows him to access all of the treasures he has gathered from across the world, including mythical weapons that eventually get used by other Heroes.


What is Fate Stay Night true ending?

True ending is the true ending of the “Fate” route, and Natsu neve stated such a thing, it’s justa rumor spread by people who believe in that, it’s a fane made information. If fate actually has a true ending than it is “UBW” good or true ending.


What is Archer’s true identity?

Shirou Emiya
Archer, after being summoned by Rin. Archer is not a proper Heroic Spirit in the sense of other heroes. His true identity is that of Shirou Emiya of an alternate timeline from that of Fate/stay night who made a contract with the world and became the Heroic Spirit EMIYA.


Why did Archer betray Rin?

Archer betrays Rin, aligning with Caster because, he claimed, she had the highest chance of acquiring the Holy Grail. He then betrays Caster and her master and kills them both, revealing his true intentions. Archer needed to be free from Rin’s command seal in order to accomplish his goal of killing Shirou.


Does Shirou love Saber?

Saber is the love interest of Shirou Emiya in the first route of the visual novel Fate/stay night and the main love interest of the first anime adaptation. She is Shirou’s Servant, an agile but powerful warrior.


Did Shirou meet Saber again?

Last Episode (Réalta Nua)

Saber goes to Avalon after her death and waits several centuries to see Shirou again. Shirou endures many tribulations in his life and never stops believing that he will find Saber. After he dies, Shirou and Saber are joyously reunited in Avalon.


Who is Shirou Emiya real parents?

Kiritsugu Emiya

Irisviel von Einzbern
Shirou Emiya/Parents


Who is the main character of Fate Stay Night?

Rin Tohsaka
Kana Ueda

Junichi Suwabe

Shirou Emiya
Noriaki Sugiyama

Sakura Matou
Noriko Shitaya

Ayako Kawasumi

Tomokazu Seki

Illyasviel von Einzb.
Mai Kadowaki

Kirei Kotomine
Jôji Nakata
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works/Characters


Is saber a male or a female?

Shirou and Saber’s sexes were swapped, mostly due to an experience with the novel Tsukihime because Type-Moon believed this would fit the modern demographic. Takeuchi had the idea of drawing an armored woman, which resulted in Saber being female.


Is ritsuka the son of Shirou and Rin?

Ritsuka was born to Rin and Shirou a few years post-UBW, originally born as Ritsuka Emiya.


Does Saber become Rin’s servant?

In Rin’s Good Ending, Saber survives after Rin forms a contract with Saber and she became Rin’s familiar, living at the Emiya house.


Is shirou an avenger?

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Avenger takes on the form of Shirou Emiya. As Avenger, his overall appearance is based on Shirou but with darker skin and glyphs tattooed all over his body which Caren and Bazett use oil paint to paint Shirou as Avenger in the Bonus epilogue.


How old is emiya Archer?

Archer appears as a young man in his mid- twenties with a muscular build. Shirou from the Fifth Grail War would grow about 20cm as Archer. It is uncertain if his extreme height growth is caused by magecraft.


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