What Does Himiko From Tea Do At The End Of The Play

What Does Himiko From Tea Do At The End Of The Play

What is Himiko Yumeno personality? While she has a “to the max” side as a magician, Himiko also has a very lazy side and finds putting in the maximum effort to be too much trouble. She constantly calls things tiresome and appears disinterested in things other than magic, refusing to do several things because it’s “such a pain”.

How tall is Himiko from Danganronpa? About
My Rating
Dislikes The ocean
Height 4’11 (ENG)150cm (JP)
Weight 39 kg (86 lbs)
Gender Female
8 more rows

Did Himiko Yumeno survive? Surviving Trio is the poly ship between Shuichi Saihara, Maki Harukawa, and Himiko Yumeno from the Danganronpa fandom.

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Who plays Himiko Yumeno?

Christine Marie Cabanos is the English dub voice of Himiko Yumeno in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, and Aimi Tanaka is the Japanese voice.

Can Himiko do magic?

Prior to being the bearer of the Ultimate Magician’s title, Himiko was the self-proclaimed Ultimate Mage, as she constantly insisted that her parlor tricks were real magic.

Does Kokichi like Himiko?

Despite not being stated directly during the game, it is highly implied that Himiko could be bottling up her true emotions for Kokichi, despite their complex relationship shown in-game. For example, Himiko becomes flustered when Kaito, disguised as Kokichi, says that he likes Himiko after she claims to hate him.

How old is Kokichi?

Kodaka’s in-character Kokichi birthday tweet for 2020 mentioned that Kokichi is 20, which implies that Kokichi is 17 during the game because that was released in 2017.

How tall is Kokichi?

Name Kokichi Ouma
Birth date June 21
Gender Male
Chest size 70cm / 28in
Height 5’1″ / 156cm
9 more rows

What is Himiko toga age?

Himiko is a 17-year-old girl of petite height. She has ash-blonde hair which is tied into two buns with unruly strands of hair poking out of each. Her eyes are yellow with thin black pupils that somewhat resemble that of a cat.

How old is Gonta?

While it is not impossible, the likelihood of Gonta being 15 or 16 in the game is very low, and even impossible once I elaborate, and we can safely assume that with the context of him being a wild child, he is probably at least 17 years old. So a safe assumption is that Gonta was lost in the forest when he was about 7.

How tall is Shuichi?

Name Shuichi Saihara
Chest size 80cm / 32in
Height 5’7″ / 171cm
Weight 58 kg / 128lbs
Blood type AB
9 more rows

Does Maki survive?

Maki survived the final execution along with fellow survivors Shuichi and Himiko by hiding under some rubble. She is the first to come out of the rubble and take in her surroundings, Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles had been completely obliterated by K1-B0.

Does Tenko like Himiko?

During her second Free Time Event with Kaede, Tenko is directly confirmed to have romantic feelings for Himiko and attraction towards magic-users and idols in general, apparently having a tendency to dream about them.

Where is Himiko Yumeno from?

Himiko Yumeno
Gender: Female
Type: Magician
Portrayed by: Aimi Tanaka (Japanese) Christine Marie Cabanos (English)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
2 more rows•

How tall is Maki Danganronpa?

Name Maki Harukawa
Chest size 77cm / 30in
Height 5’4″ /162cm
Weight 44kg / 97lbs
Blood type A
9 more rows

How tall is Angie Danganronpa?

My Rating
Height 157 cm
Weight 41kg
Likes Avocados
Dislikes Humidity
7 more rows

Who killed Rantaro?

Tsumugi Shirogane
Rantaro Amami – Died from blunt force trauma, hit in the back of the head by a shot-pull ball thrown by Tsumugi Shirogane, who later framed Kaede Akamatsu for the murder. Ryoma Hoshi – Allowed himself to be drowned in a sink by Kirumi Tojo as he believed she had a greater motivation to survive than he.

What is Makis real ultimate?

Maki has the title Ultimate Child Caregiver (Super High School Level Nursery School Teacher/Super High School Level Caregiver). She was raised in an orphanage, where she learned to take care of children. Later is it revealed that her true title was the Ultimate Assassin.

What does Miu call Kokichi?

Miu feels irritated by Kokichi’s behavior and believes that he is the mastermind. She is shown being annoyed by his lies multiple times and insults him by calling him a shota and a compulsive liar (in the English version, she goes even further by calling him “lying little abortion”).

Does Kokichi love Shuichi?

Kokichi is completely in love and is enamored by Shuichi it hurts. His love for Shuichi is valid, so freaking valid, 100% valid, more valid than my existence. 98. I love the bonus interactions between them hidden throughout the chapters, like the one where Kokichi tells Shuichi that everything he does is for everyone.

Does Maki like Kaito?

It’s shown that Maki had developed romantic feelings for Kaito over the course of the game, but there has been no confirmation that he reciprocated her feelings, even though it is implied, considering how she is the only character he gave a nickname to.

Can Kokichi taste food?

In Salmon Mode, Kokichi tells Shuichi that he couldn’t taste anything since birth, the air, curry, or sushi. Following it up with a remark about liking sweets and spicy foods. I personally think this is Kokichi’s backpedal from from a truth that he allowed himself reveal to Shuichi after growing comfortable with him.

Is Kokichi a minor?

It is never explicitly stated in the game, he is most likely somewhere between 14-18 range (if you take prologue where it keeps being mentioned that they are high schoolers as canon.), or 20 years old (if you take it as they applied for it and are legal age so to speak, with Kodaka’s 2020 Kokichi birthday tweet having .

Who are Kokichi’s parents?

However, he has also claimed that nobody would care if he was gone, and it’s been implied that he has no parents or family. It’s known that he is the leader of D.I.C.E., a small group of young pranksters, who are the most important people and like a family to him.

Is Kokichi an orphan?

It can also symbolize Kokichi hiding his true self like in the killing game. Now this one I heard is a popular headcannon, Kokichi is an orphan. This headcannon is mostly supported by Kokichi’s organization D.I.C.E. and how it references an old show with a group of orphans making a group also called D.I.C.E.

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