what do action figures do in resident evil 6

Action Figures will be unlocked as Emblems are completely found in a chapter or campaign. By completing the row (all emblems in one chapter) or column (the same position emblem from each chapter in a campaign), you unlock an action figure.03-Oct-2012

How do you get re6 figures?

The Figurines in Resident Evil 6 are unlockables based on the Bottlecaps in Resident Evil 4 and the Figures in Resident Evil 5. They are unlocked by collecting the Serpent Emblems, playing the Mercenaries, using RESIDENT EVIL.NET, or in the case of later releases, playing the Extra Content.


Was Resident Evil 6 really that bad?

Is Resident Evil 6 as bad as people say it is


Why did re6 fail?

Resident Evil 6 failed because of Capcom’s hubris. They truly believed that the Resident Evil series deserved to be on top of video game sales charts because of the name on the box alone. They were so convinced that was true, in fact, that they were willing to implement anything that they perceived to be popular.24-Jan-2017


How do you get infinite ammo in Resident Evil 6?

You can only activate the infinite ammo package in the starting of a scenario or a chapter but cannot change the mood in the middle of the scenario. You will unlock it after completing all four campaigns. It costs 79,000 skill points. You will unlock it after completing all four campaigns.02-Oct-2012


How do you unlock characters in re6 mercenaries?

Unlockable Characters

Helena (Mercs) – Score a B Rank or Higher in Urban Chaos.

Piers (Mercs) – Score a B Rank or Higher in Steel Beast.

Sherry (Mercs) – Score a B Rank or Higher in Mining the Depths.

Ada (Mercs) – Complete Ada’s Campaign.

Carla (Mercs) – Unlock all other characters and their costumes.



Where are all the serpent emblems in re6?

Leon Chapter 1 – Serpent Emblem Locations


Why Resident Evil 6 is the best?

4 Best: A Lot Of Variety And A Lot Of Gameplay


Is Resident Evil 6 worth?

Resident Evil 6 is not what you would call a Resident Evil, but it’s a good over-the-top action shooter that works pretty well on Switch. This version could’ve had a better optimization, but it’s perfectly playable.29-Oct-2019


Is Resident Evil 7 Scary?

“Some of the feedback we received regarding [Resident Evil 7 was] that it was too scary to play. Resident Evil 7 was absolutely terrifying, especially in the opening few hours when you’re tasked with entering the Baker house and then escaping the murderous Jack Baker.05-May-2021


Why is RE6 hated?

Survival Horror Fans Felt There Was Too Much Survival, Not Enough Horror. For a survival horror game, much of the horror in Resident Evil 6 was severely lacking. While players are certainly required to survive through wave after wave of zombies, the game doesn’t work very hard to actually scare the players.27-Sep-2019


How old is Leon in RE6?

11 Leon S. Kennedy (Age: 21, Height: 5’10”, Birth year: 1977)12-Mar-2021


Is RE6 a cannon?

Yes, it is canon. All of the games are soft canon, meaning that the devs cherry pick which details did or didn’t happen moving forward. The only solid canon is the general premise of events for each game.24-Nov-2019


Does infinite ammo disable achievements re6?

infinite ammo are skills that can be equipped. Skills do not disable trophies so no.04-Oct-2012


How long is re6 campaign?

between 5-10 hours

Each campaign is between 5-10 hours long depending on your play style and the difficulty you select.14-Jun-2013


Which campaign is best in Resident Evil 6?

mert20004. Chris’ is the best one imo. It has the best story, chris and piers have great character development and gameplay is most fun in that campaign. I think it’s the longest campaign in the game as well, it’s slightly longer than leon’s which is longer than jake’s and ada’s.03-Aug-2019


How do you unlock Carla in re6 mercenaries?

Extra Modes. Carla is a playable character in the extra modes in Resident Evil 6. She can be unlocked after unlocking all of the other characters and costumes. She is only playable in one costume.


How do you beat Carla in re6?

In order to defeat the enemy, you have to first shoot both eyes of the opponents. Before the explosion, they will throw an acid at you so you have to quickly hide behind one of pillars. When the eyes are gone, select the machine gun and keep shooting at one spot, next to the mouth.


How do you unlock maps on re6 mercenaries?

A minimum of 100,000 points is required for an “A”. After that, get an “A” on the “Rail Yard” stage and another map should unlock.26-Mar-2013


What do serpent emblems do in Resident Evil 6?

Emblems are collectible items acquired by shooting or breaking them. According to the Special Collections menu, there are 80 Serpent Emblems to collect in Resident Evil 6. The emblems will unlock files in order in which the emblems appear in a chapter. Emblems also unlock Action Figures.05-Oct-2012


How do you get the bear commander in Jake’s campaign?

Research Facility Living Quarters: you get to find the Bear Commander after collecting all 16 ID medals and fitting them all (first the three, then the rest) in the statue’s slot. This raises the gate at the far end of the main hall. Behind it, you will find the Bear Commander plus skill points and ammo.12-Feb-2015


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