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What is the rarest Star Wars action figure?

Glasslite Vlix figure

One of the rarest Star Wars figures is the Glasslite Vlix figure. This is one of the figures that was planned to have been released in the second wave of Droid figures.


What can you do with an action figure?

Displaying Your Action Figures


How do you store Star Wars figures?

storing action figures in plastic ziploc-type bags is a good idea. As long as you don’t use the vast majority of bags out there. I use ones that are made of Polypropylene for storing small items they are acid-free, archival-quality plastic bags.07-Aug-2014


How much is an original Darth Vader action figure worth?

Online price guides

Star Wars Action Figure Sold Price

Darth Vader NIP (1978) $560.00

Stormtrooper MOC $300.00

Obi Wan Kenobi on card $99.00

Jawa Large Hood (1978) $50.00

12 more rows


What Star Wars figures are worth money?

A Snaggletooth would be about #10 on this list:

Boxed Vinyl Cape Jawa – $28,000. Photos: Rebelscum, Action Figure Resource, and the Star Wars Collectors Archive.

Vlix – $45,430.

Double Telescoping Darth Vader – $64,000.

Double Telescoping Obi-Wan $76,000.

Rocket Firing Boba Fett – $185,000.



How much is a 1977 Darth Vader worth?

9. Darth Vader (’77) – $6,500. Value Explanation: The 12-Back collection has several figures that had variations and that has increased their value tremendously. Darth Vader’s, just like Obi-Wan Kenobi’s, had the double-telescoping lightsaber but was changed before the release date.18-Dec-2015


Are action figures worth collecting?

Collecting action figures can be an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby. It can make you feel like a kid again. And, if you buy carefully, it can become a great financial investment, as many figures reach values of hundreds of dollars on the collectible market.23-Jan-2020


Do you open your action figures?

Answer: If you want your figures to significantly increase in value, then you should keep them in the original packaging. Otherwise, it is completely up to you.22-May-2018


Are action figures a good investment?

In most cases, yes, there will likely always be some people out there willing to buy your action figures off of you. Some figures will be worth much more than their retail prices after only a couple years, and others will take much longer to go up significantly in value, if at all.03-Jan-2020


How do you keep action figures in good condition?

Your figures should always be stored in a room temperature, dry space that is out of direct sunlight, and they should be dusted and cleaned regularly. For added protection, you can even purchase special action figure storage solutions.


How do you make an action figure stand up?

Magnets and washers. Tiny magnets and washers make great, subtle stands. Pick up some tiny disc-shaped magnets (refrigerator pegs are great) and glue them to the feet of any action figures you want to stand up. If you can find smaller magnets, you can slide them inside of the pegs at the bottom of your figure’s feet.12-Feb-2021


How do you display Star Wars collectibles?

When you want to show off your prizes, and relive iconic Star Wars moments, you need a display case. Simple bookshelves are a great start, especially if you’re just furnishing your first apartment, but when you can do better, you should. Consider upgrading first to plastic cases designed for sports memorabilia.08-Mar-2018


How do you store carded Star Wars figures?

Generally, everyday re-sealable food containers are ideal for storing your action figures especially the more popular brands of containers such as Tupperware. Most of these types of containers are made to be strong and hard wearing, as well as being cheap, easy to store and offering your action figures good protection.


What is the most valuable Star Wars toy?

1 Rocket Firing Boba Fett – $150,000


Will Star Wars Black Series be valuable?

Although many Star Wars fans feel that much will depend on the quality of the new merchandise, the Black Series has proved to be exceptional. Star Wars characters are quite valuable, especially vintage ones.


What is the rarest Lego Star Wars set?

Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s Series 10179

The Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s Series 10179 is the rarest set in this bunch. This replica of Han Solo’s starship is made of 5,195 pieces, and would take the average LEGO builder several weeks to put together, even with the instruction guide.03-Aug-2018


What is the most valuable action figure?

The most valuable action figure of all time is this 1963 prototype G.I. Joe. Handmade by series creator Don Levine, he sold for auction in 2009 for $200,000.








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