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First off, Daki is already featured as a prostitute in the Entertainment District arc. She wears these clothes because she has to look attractive. It’s part of the plot and part of his character. December 21, 2021

Is Nezuko more powerful than Daki?

Nezuko is at least stronger than Daki, which means that if Muzan could bring her back under his control, she would certainly qualify for the most prestigious title a demon could hold: member of the Kizuki Twelve. Thanks to Nezuko’s remarkable strength, it would have to be an Upper Moon. January 23, 2022

How old is Daki Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer Stat Table
Character Age Birthday
Akaza 200+ N/A
Daki 113+ N/A
Gyutaro 126+ N/A
Tame 133+ N/A
21 extra ranks•September 29, 2022

Daki is a boy?

More than a century ago, Daki was a human girl named Ume (梅㠆ã‚, Ume?), who lived on the Rashomon side of Yoshiwara, the lowest class in the entertainment district, before she and Gyutaro are killed. turned into demons personally by Doma, who was rank six at the time.

How old was Daki when he became a demon?

She is somewhat attractive, as seen when she constantly flirts with Tanjiro saying he is cute but ugly. He also possesses a childish streak, due to his transformation when he was only thirteen years old, having a tendency to throw tantrums at anything that goes wrong with his own intentions.

Who is the oldest demon after Muzan?

7) Gyokko – 113 years old

He took a great interest in the drowned bodies of his parents and the villagers moved away from him. He even ended up killing a boy from the same village. He was then stabbed and turned into a demon by Muzan. He continued to live for approximately 113 years until Mist Hashira took his own life. February 1, 2022

Who is the oldest Hashira?

13/13 Gyomei Himejima is the Oldest Hashira (26)

Gyomei is not only the oldest, 26 to be exact, but the tallest of the Hashira and the main cast. His looks can be intimidating, but he’s a lot softer than people think. September 10, 2021

How old is Muzan in human years?

Being a demon, Muzan is able to live for many, many years. However, unlike other demons who have aged for hundreds of years. Muzan is over 1000 years old. Although he has reached an age that no one else has, his appearance makes him look like a grown man in his thirties. November 15, 2021

What rank does Nezuko have?

He placed third in the first Demon Slayer character popularity poll with 3,319 votes. IGN considered Nezuko one of the most popular characters in the series and noted how her design elaborates on how she views humans as good people as a result of hypnosis.

Why did Muzan like Daki?

Se muestra que Daki y Gyutaro

Muzan tiene a positiva relación de amo-sirviente con Daki, y que la joven Demoness aparentemente adora y admira inmensamente al Demon Progenitor, aferrándose ferventemente a todas y cada una de sus palabra y haciendo todo lo posible par lograr the goal. tasks he entrusts to you.


At the age of 12, all of his success came to an end when he stabbed a samurai in the eye while his brother was at work. As her brother was not present to protect her, they tied her up, burned her alive and left her to die in a ditch.

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