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New Style Snorlax Plush Toy Large Size 100/150/200cm Snorlax Plush Anime Cover with Zipper for Girlfriend Birthday Gift

Lifesize Snorlax Plush: Lifesize Snorlax Plush – Snorlax, known in Japan as Kabigon, is a Pokémon species, a type of Pocket Monster, in Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokémon franchise.

  • Brand Name: SMOBABY TOYS
  • Theme: TV & Movie Character
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • CN: Guangdong
  • Filling: PP Cotton
  • Material: Cotton
  • Recommend Age: 12 y,18
  • Form: Genius
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Animals: DINOSAUR
  • Type: Plush/Nano Doll
  • Features: Stuffed & Plush
  • Item Type: Animals
  • Warning: keep far from fire
  • Model Number: snorlax
  • Features: Stuffed & Plush
  • Age Range: 12-15 Years,5-7 Years,Grownups,2-4 Years,8-11 Years.12-15 Years
  • Features1: Snorlax Plush Toys
  • Features3: animal plush toys
  • Features4: stuffed toys anime


30-200cm Snorlax plush pillow Big soft anime pocket snorlax plush toy With Zipper Only Cover No Filling kids gifts for Christmas and birthday

Condition: 100% brand new and high quality

Material: Cotton AND WITHOUT PP COTTONSize:30cm/50cm/80cm/100cm/150cm/200cm

Package Included: 1 piece in OPP bag


1. Please allow1-3cm (0.4-1.2″) differences due to manual measurement, thanks.

2. Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.

3. Due to the deformatiom during the extrusion and transport, the toy may be feel limp, then forced shake grabbed plush toys, it will be filled with cotton and restore the original shape more quickily.

Snorlax Plush Toy Large SizeSnorlax Plush Toy Snorlax Plush Toy Large Size and small

1. How big is a life size Snorlax?
The story goes that this 7-foot, life-sized Snorlax was created by the man’s wife’s friend – who goes by the name KnotAgainByAmina online – and took three months and “hundreds of dollars in yarn”.

2. How much stuffing do I need for giant Snorlax?
about 10 cubic feet
This giant Snorlax requires about 10 cubic feet of stuffing to be filled up and comes with a sturdy double zipper to prevent accidental spill.

3. Does build a bear still have Snorlax?
You can buy the Snorlax on his own, or you can add his “cozy robe and sleeping cap” and a five-in-one Snorlax sound so your plush can make snoozy noises every time you squeeze his hand. Not to mention, the Snorlax comes with a complimentary exclusive Pokémon: The Trading Game Snorlax card.

4. What animal is snorlax?
Snorlax is inspired by veteran Pokémon game designer Kōji Nishino. Snorlax is a noseless ursid-like Pokémon that has a cream-colored face, hands and feet, while the rest of its body is teal in color. Its head is also large, and it has two small canine teeth visibly protruding from its lower jaw.

5. How do you do Gigantamax Snorlax?
If you want to battle Gigantamax Snorlax, then you need to connect your Nintendo Switch to the Internet during its release window to update the spawn table for your Wild Area. You can also do this by getting the latest Wild Area News using the Mystery Gift function found in the X menu.

6. How big is jumbo Snorlax Build-A-Bear?
Its jumbo 60 cm. size makes this extra-large Build-A-Bear Snorlax one of the snuggliest Pokémon around! This online exclusive bundle features the Normal-type Pokémon ready to doze off with a cosy printed Snorlax crest robe, sleeping cap and Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Snorlax Pokémon TCG Card!

7. Is Snorlax based off Totoro?
Conversation. And of course Snorlax is inspired by Totoro and Munchlax by the mini Totoros. Apparently Snorlax is actually based off of Kōji Nishino, a GameFreak employee. Here’s Snorlax’s beta design according to Bulbapedia.

8. Why is Snorlax so popular?
However, ever since the Pokémon Go was released, popularity of Snorlax has sky rocketed for several obvious reasons. First of all, he’s a mythical pokemon which means he’s hard to find. Secondly, he’s got the looks. It very well resembles a cross of Miyazaki’s Totoro and a giant teddy bear.

9. When did Snorlax build-a-bear come out?
Back in August 2019, Build-A-Bear Workshop added a large, 16-inch tall Snorlax plush to its line of Pokemon stuffed animals. This was already one of the biggest Pokemon plushies that the company offered, but now, the toy maker is outdoing itself.

10. Does Ash have a Snorlax?
This Pokémon is fully evolved. Ash’s Snorlax (Japanese: サトシのカビゴン Satoshi’s Kabigon) was the second Pokémon caught by Ash in the Orange Islands, and his fourteenth overall.

11. What color is shiny Snorlax?
#4 – Snorlax
Snorlax is a massive Pokemon, typically colored in bluish black. The Shiny version could have easily made Snorlax stand out even more. Something like a pink or even a plain white version would have been incredible. Instead, Snorlax’ Shiny variant is just a darker blue.

12. Why is Snorlax called Kabigon?
The origin of the Japanese name for Snorlax is a bit stranger, however. Its name is Kabigon, which plays on the word Kabi, meaning “mold.” Why? Well, apparently Snorlax is based on a real person, Koji Nishino, who worked as a designer on the game and has a slight resemblance to the character.

13. Is Snorlax based on a panda?
Well, finally we have the answer. Pokémon’s lovable, large lump is modelled after a real person who works at developer Game Freak. According to Pokémon art director Ken Sugimori, Snorlax is inspired by veteran Pokémon game designer Kōji Nishino.

14. Are Snorlax rare?
Because Snorlax is a rare Pokémon, players will want to follow some of the conventional wisdom about finding rare spawns. Often, rare Pokémon will spawn in the same locations multiple times.

15. Can Snorlax evolve arceus?
Trainers can also distract Snorlax by feeding it one of its favorite foods, including Dazzling Honey, Plump Beans, and Hearty Grains. If trainers are having trouble finding a Snorlax to catch in the wild of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, they can evolve one from a Munchlax to add it to the Pokédex instead.

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