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Beidou Sticker Genshin Impact Cool Cartoon Role Sticker For Car-Styling Automobiles & Motorcycles Waterproof Decal




  • Sticker Placement: The Whole Body
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model: Other
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Type: Glue Sticker
  • Category: stickers
  • Design: cartoon
  • Material Type: PVC
  • Type Of Sticker: Creative Stickers
  • Item Type: Stickers
  • Packaging: Comes Packaged
  • Waterproof property: High


1.What is a beidou sticker?

A beidou sticker is a popular Chinese sales tactic.  It is a small, rectangular sticker that has a picture of a high-end luxury car, a watch, a holiday resort, a computer etc and a QR Code under it.  A QR Code is a 2d-barcode which contains a long URL, just like a barcode.  The idea is to give the beidou sticker to a potential customer for free (or for a nominal price) and ask him to scan the QR code using his smartphone.  He will then arrive at the company’s official website with a link to the item.  This method is widely used in the luxury car industry.

2.Why buy a beidou sticker?

One of the most common ways to attach a beidou sticker is to a car. Car owners may need to move their beidou sticker every few months because of a change in car plate number. In this case, choosing a beidou sticker without glue is ideal because it can be easily removed and reapplied. The beidou sticker is usually attached to the inside of the windshield with a metal clip, which has a strong adhesive. The beidou sticker is then glued to the clip, providing a strong and secure hold. It’s very easy to use a beidou sticker, simply peel off the protective covering and attach to a flat, clean surface. Your beidou sticker is now ready to be used.

3.How our beidou sticker can help you?

Beidou sticker is a punch-hole sticker with position accuracy of 5cm after fix, it is the latest product of beidou sticker system. It is compatible with any phone and can be used as an additional tracker for a single phone or as a tracker for multiple phones. You can place it on a phone, on a wallet, on a bag, on a keychain, or wherever you think is convenient. You can even stick it on the back of your phone if the phone design is not suitable. If you lose your phone, you can use a bluetooth device or a wireless mobile phone to find your phone via the beidou sticker.

4.What can beidou stickers do for you?

Beidou stickers were stickers that could be bought at a local mall and attached to your mobile phone. These stickers were linked with different animals, each of which would boost a different stat. These stickers could be remove and changed, but would disappear after a certain amount of time.

5.What is the difference between beidou stickers and all the other?

The impact of the first beidou sticker was huge and the popularity of the second series of beidou stickers is expected to be even greater. Beidou stickers have increased the popularity of the beidou system and become a very important part of the business in China. Beidou sticker is a kind of beidou team’s souvenir, which is like a symbol of beidou love and beidou friends.

6.Where can you get a beidou sticker?

Beidou Stickers are usually produced and supplied by the Beidou operators like Huawei, China Unicom and China Telecom. You can buy them from

7.What are the different uses of the beidou stickers?

First, no matter how small the sticker is, it will provide you with more accurate location information. Second, it is easy to carry and stick, and it requires no data connection, no network access. Third, if you lose a phone, the sticker can automatically dial the phone number to locate it. Fourth, beidou stickers can be applied to all kinds of objects, so it is convenient for you to carry and keep it. Fifth, it can be used as an auxiliary power supply for electronic devices, such as power failure alarm, wireless alarm clock, wireless electronic scales, wireless electronic door locks, wireless electronic weighing scales and so on. Sixth, the general beidou sticker with the size of 3CM x 2.5CM x 0.5CM can store 50 telephone numbers and 100 SMS messages, which will help you save your costs. Finally, the location information of the sticker can be remotely reported to the specified phone number.

8.Is the beidou sticker worth it?

The beidou sticker is a little circular sticker that resembles a small TV remote. It is used to lock down the cell phone signal of your phone in China. It can help you avoid having your phone signal illegally hijacked by thieves. However, there are disadvantages to beidou stickers. The signal-hacking thieves are constantly developing new technology, so they will always be able to find ways around them. Also, beidou stickers are only effective if they are used in areas where they are legal. They are illegal in some areas, so they may not be a good solution for you. But if you have lived in China for a while and have been a victim of signal-hacking thieves, you will definitely learn to appreciate it.

9.Why did we create a beidou sticker?

The beidou sticker was designed to help users avoid parking violations and beidou sticker is a must-have item for every beidou user. The beidou sticker will help you avoid parking tickets because of the beidou chip embedded inside it. If you have a beidou sticker in your windshield and if you don’t move your car within 3 days, your beidou chip will tell the parking police that you aren’t there.

10.How do you place a beidou sticker?

At first, you need to peel off the beidou sticker’s back paper, and then stick it on a surface which is smooth or flat. The following are some places you can put beidou stickers: On your car, by the door, or on the wall near the door. (Placing beidou sticker near the door will remind you to shut the door after you leave your home) On your handbag, computer bag and mobile phone, etc.

A beidou sticker looks something like this. You place it over the place where the speaker and microphone are located.  This is a basic one. There are ones that are more fancy and look much better. This was bought from Taobao at a cheap price.

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