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The Four Emperors, who make up one of the Three Great Powers, are a group of four pirates considered to be the most notorious and powerful captains in the world. The group currently consists of Red-Haired Shanks, Blackbeard, Straw Hat Luffy, and Buggy the Star Clown.

Is Luffy a Warlord?

First, he and the Pirate Hat crew declared war on the World Government/Marines. The Marines and WG want pirates they can cooperate with and be controlled with, and Luffy has declared war on them because Luffy hates them (point #2). This is the definitive answer.

Is Luffy a Yonko?

After that, he was declared the 5th Sea Emperor, however, Luffy was never truly recognized by his peers. As such, defeating Kaido and eventually achieving Yonko’s position is quite significant. This time, Luffy is recognized worldwide as one of the Yonko. June 25, 2022

What does a Yonko do?

The Yonko as individuals are known to be very powerful pirates. His powers are so feared around the world that if any of them decided to wage war on the World Government as Whitebeard, he would be considered a very serious threat to them.

What is the Yonko in One Piece?

The Yonko, also known as the Four Emperors of the Sea, are the four most powerful pirates in the One Piece world. They rule the second half of the Grand Line, known as the New World, as kings. They face no one but themselves as opposition. June 4, 2022

Who is the current Yonko?

New World
New Yonko
Shanks is an incredibly powerful pirate and his crew, the Red Hair Pirates, are known to be the most balanced pirate crew with no known weaknesses. All of its officers are said to be quite strong, making it the most balanced team of the Four Emperors. June 23, 2022

Is Zoro a Yonko?

There is no doubt that Zoro is not yet at Yonko’s level. This is evidenced by his confrontation against King instead of Big Mom during Onigashima. Although Zoro will probably reach that level one day, he’s definitely not there yet and therefore can’t defeat Kaido just yet. February 2, 2022

Is Luffy a sun god?

It turned out that Luffy’s Devil Fruit wasn’t the Gum-Gum Fruit at all, but rather a completely different type of ability, as his power is officially that of Nika, the Sun God thanks to the true identity of its fruit. March 29, 2022

Was Gol D. Roger a Yonko?

Roger was a magnificent pirate with the power to match that of Whitebeard, who was the strongest man in the entire world. In his day, the concept of Yonko didn’t seem to exist, so he never was. Yet he was just as powerful as them, and some would say even stronger. January 31, 2021

Is Luffy the fifth Yonko?

Did Luffy really become the Fifth Yonko? No. His bounty increased a lot for facing a yonkou.


Big Mom is the oldest Yonko in One Piece history. She is also the only female in this group. She terrorized the seas even during the golden age of piracy, when Gol D. Roger was still around. April 30, 2022

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