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YutaMaki is the het vessel between Yuta Okkotsu and Maki Zenin from the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom.

Who is the strongest yuta or sukuna?

yuta is the strongest so far, sukuna is still only a few fingers above 12 so he’s not in FP yet.

Is Yuta any good?

While Yuta is still one of the strongest in the series, even without Rika. He possesses more cursed energy than any other mortal character in the series. His swordsmanship and close combat skills are second to none. The Reverse Cursed Technique is another asset of his powerful character. April 6, 2022

Is Yuta a villain?

Yuta Okkotsu is the protagonist of Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School, renamed Jujutsu Kaisen 0; Initially, she is a cursed victim of Special-Grade who is haunted by the spirit of her childhood friend Rika Orimoto.

Is Yuta evil in JJK?

Although Yuta initially appears to be an enemy, pursuing Yuji to kill him, he turns out to be an ally and a sympathetic character. He has become a favorite of many readers, but the anime has yet to feature him. January 23, 2022

Is Yuta Okkotsu any good?

Overall Skill Level: Yuta is one of the four special grade wizards recognized by Jujutsu High. While haunted by Rika’s vengeful spirit, Yuta was immediately registered as a special rank due to Rika’s immense power, making him the most recent person to receive the rank.

Is Yuta in love with Maki?

Volume 0 of the manga hints that Maki and Yuta are in love with each other before hinting at their ongoing relationship again in chapter 144. June 12, 2021

Why did Yuta fight against Yuji?

Instead of allowing another executioner or hiding all information about Yuji, Yuta decided to act to deceive superiors. Yuji wakes up in front of Yuta despite being executed. Yuta made a binding vow with jujutsu headquarters and agreed to kill Yuji.

What happens to Yuta at the end?

Yuta used Rika’s powers to the fullest and defeated Geto Suguru, leaving him stunned and mortally wounded. September 26, 2022

Who is stronger Yuji or Yuta?

But this is where Yuji confirms what fans have been waiting for. Yuji confirms what fans had guessed in that his power is basically the opposite of Yuta’s. Yuji points out that even though Yuta doesn’t have much power, he has an immense amount of cursed energy (which was first noted in the original prequel series). March 1, 2021


Yuta is an extremely powerful wizard, but he needs to practice a bit more before he reaches his full potential. While this could serve as an argument for his superiority over Gojo, if the two were to fight now, it should be clear that Gojo would win. August 13, 2021

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