Killua If You Said What I Wouldn’T Be Sure I Could Follow

Killua If You Said What I Wouldn’T Be Sure I Could Follow

What is Killua’s famous quote? “Move, and you die. Use Nen, or utter one word, and you die.

Does Killua ever fall in love? (chapter 199) This scene is just… So romantic in nature. I’m not too objective on this, but I really do believe that this moment is the exact moment Killua fell in love with Gon and started to realize he felt a bit more than friendship towards him.

What is hisoka’s famous line? “I choose not to kill you now. You see, it suits me to let you live until you become a truly worthy opponent.”

Killua If You Said What I Wouldn’T Be Sure I Could Follow – Related Questions

What does Killua mean when Gon says lets go?

Eventually when Gon says “let’s go” Killua doesn’t really understand and is afraid it means “let’s go” just as a teammate because he noticed Gon changing because of what happened with Kite.

Is Killua straight?

Killua Zoldyck is seen as a homosexual as he shows great feelings towards his best friend Gon.

What is Killua’s name in Japanese?

Killua Zoldyck (キルア=ゾルディック, Kirua Zorudikku) is initially introduced as a cheeky, cheerful and mischievous kid who befriends Gon during the Hunter Exam.

Who is killua Zoldyck crush?

During this arc Killua expresses his admiration for Gon, and admits to Wing, their mentor, that he and Gon are a bit similar in their recklessness.

Who is Kurapika’s boyfriend?

The chapter features Kurapika and Leorio getting married.

Who is Killua dating?

Ai Syuki (Killua’s gf)

What is Gon’s catchphrase?

“In my next life, I want to be me, and meet you again.” -Gon Freecss.

What is Hisoka in Japanese?

Hisoka’s name written in kanji (密か) can mean “secretly”.

What is Hisoka full name?

Hisoka Morow
Hisoka Morow, also known as Hisoka, Hisoka the Magician and Grim Reaper, is one of the main antagonists of the anime/manga series Hunter x Hunter.

Do Gon and Killua split up?

In the final episodes of the anime, we saw Gon and Killua parting ways to continue their journey separately, Gon Freecs went to see his father, while Killua decided to spend his time with his little sister, Alluka.

Who is Killua’s best friend?

1 Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck

He teaches Killua how to forgive himself and walk his own path. Killua’s friendship with Gon leads him to leave the assassin’s life even though he was named as the Zoldyck heir.

Why are Gon and Killua not friends?

Most of the abuse that goes on between Killua and Gon is the result of their childish behavior. This is to say that neither of them usually intend to hurt the other, even when they do. This is not the case when Gon completely destroys Killua’s hands during their game of dodgeball in the Greed Island Arc.

How old is Killua now?

8 Killua Zoldyck (12 Years Old)

Are Gon and Killua boyfriends?

Short answer: There is little or no canonical love from either Killua or Gon toward the other. If any kind of love is to be clearly deduced, it should be regarded as platonic or brotherly. Longer answer: From childhood, Killua was deprived of the experience of having friends.

Did Kurapika marry neon?

And since the Nostrade family only has a daughter and not a son, they would need a male to continue on the family business. So Kurapika married Neon. Which means that the Nostrade family isn’t gone.

Is killua a girls name?

Killua Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity.

What is killua’s real name?

Mariya Ise: Killua Zoldyck.

Is Feitan a Zoldyck?

Kalluto themselves were actually baffled that out of the entire troupe it was feitan (who is a transmuter much like killua) who outclassed the youngest zoldyck. It’s also interesting that kalluto is a weapons specialist like feitan, who uses his sword.

Does Alluka like Killua?

Alluka is usually very happy around Killua and trusts him deeply, likely because he was the only one to show her compassion. According to Killua, Alluka calls him “big brother”, while Nanika calls him only by name.

Will Killugon be canon?

Short answer : yes.

Is Kurapika a girl or boy?

Kurapika can be described as a male gender.

It’s been confirmed by the entire team Hunter x Hunter And by the voice actor Noriko Hidaka. She will take care of herself. We can see that Kurapika is still a young boy if we pay attention to his look. There are some animated characters.

Does Kurapika have a girlfriend?

Kurapika chose Pairo as his partner.

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