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God Buu is at the pinnacle of existence, becoming his universe’s strongest being in Dragon Ball Z: Last Days, absorbing some of the universe’s best fighters, all with the help of one of the most weak.

Is Kid Buu stronger than Beerus?

Beerus is and always has been much stronger than any form of Buu. The reason he never did anything for Buu was either because he didn’t care (or Buu was technically doing his job for him) or because he was sleeping. Her 38-39 year old dream was called the cat’s nap. February 12, 2021

Is Kid Buu the strongest Buu?

After all, creator Akira Toriyama said Kid Buu was the strongest version of the character. But when you think about absorbing Buu, well, it makes sense that Ultimate Gohan is the strongest. Buu is not only incredibly powerful, but Ultimate Gohan is even stronger. November 30, 2021

How much stronger is Super Buu than Kid Buu?

Super Buu is much stronger. Remember that Goku himself said that even if he and Vegeta fought Super Buu without the power he gained from absorbing the other fighters, they still couldn’t beat him. On the other hand, Goku claims that he could have killed Kid Buu.

What is the most powerful Buu?

Ultimate Buu

Buu’s ultimate form represents his most dangerous fusion yet. While merging with Piccolo, Buu achieves his goal of absorbing Gohan. At this point in the series, Gohan is one of Earth’s strongest fighters, which means Ultimate Buu wields an unprecedented level of power. July 22, 2022

Are Super Buu and Kid Buu the same?

Super Buu considers himself and his previous incarnation, Innocent Buu, to be the same person. However, he views his pure form of Kid Buu as a separate entity, with Super Buu pointing out that removing Good Buu from inside him will cause him to cease to exist.

Can Buu beat Jiren?

Boo win. It really should be quite simple. DBS’s power levels are much higher than DBZ’s, and Jiren is the strongest mortal we’ve seen in Dragon Ball history.

What is Buu IQ?

Buu’s IQ is probably 70, 60 at worst. October 21, 2018

Why was Super Buu afraid of Kid Buu?

He is afraid of losing his mind ig. As a kid, but he really destroys things and I think he’d rather do other things than mindlessly kill people, like torturing them into candy. he’s also more innocent with some big buu on him. He said it wouldn’t be me anymore. April 2, 2021

Is Broly stronger than Kid Buu?

Kid Buu is far superior to Broly in every aspect. Broly is a bit weaker than an ascended super saiyan (in this case, goku) or as powerful as Vegeta when he first fought Perfect Cell. It only took one Borrowed Engine SSJ to kill LSSJ Brolly. December 11, 2014


Kid Buu may not be as strong as Super Buu, but he’s definitely strong enough to defeat Frieza. We know this because he’s downed Goku before. October 23, 2018

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