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Senku really is the most sexless character I’ve seen in anime in a long time and he doesn’t even fall into the trap of just being antisocial or robotic. December 29, 2019

How old is Tsukasa?

Her maiden name is Tsukuyomi (月èª). It is later revealed in the manga that she is the 16-year-old daughter of the Emperor’s subordinate.

Tsukasa is senku’s friend?

Senku Ishigami

Even when his ideals inevitably collided and he was forced to kill him, Tsukasa states that had they met under different circumstances, Senku would have been his first friend.

What did senku promise Tsukasa?

He even goes so far as to protect him from Hyoga’s attack and relies on Senku’s promise to save him and cryogenically freeze him until he can. After returning from Treasure Island, Senku used the petrification weapon to petrify Tsukasa and Tsukasa thanked him.

Tsukasa shishio is alive?

After Perseus’ crew returns from Treasure Island with the Medusa Device, Tsukasa is once again petrified and resurrected, successfully healed from his mortal wounds.

Who is in love with Senku?

Luna is Senku’s girlfriend, although Senku only sees this as a political alliance. All romance is very one-sided: while Luna often acts towards Senku with genuine attraction, Senku remains utterly indifferent to Luna romantically. However, Senku praises her and gives her no reason to assume otherwise.

Who kissed Senku?

Other statues of the Perseus crew are displayed. Kohaku hugs Senku. June 3, 2019

Who is Tsukasa’s husband?

Nasa Yuuzaki
Tsukasa Yuzaki (née Tsukuyomi) is Tonikaku Kawaii’s deuteragonist. She is Nasa Yuuzaki’s wife and savior.

Who is Senku’s wife?

Senku Ishigami
Voiced by Japanese Ysuke Kobayashi Mikako Komatsu (boy) English Aaron Dismuke Mikaela Krantz (boy)
In-Universe Information
Profession Scientist, inventor, astronomer, astronaut, engineer
Husband Ruri (divorced)
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Who was Tsukasa’s last partner?

Tsukasa’s new partner is Isla, but all of their memories are gone, but they will create their own new memories like One day you will meet someone who matters to you. It’s obviously Isla with a different shoe. This anime’s main flaw is largely obvious, and Isla’s character was already aware of this flaw. June 27, 2015


Tsukasa Kotobuki
㠓㠨㠶ã 㠤㠋㠕
Born April 28, 1970 in Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Anime character designer

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