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Golden Experience is Tier A, rarest at Tier A. Source of rarity: supports value tier list.

How rare is D4C?

in-game chance is obtained via Stand Arrow with 1% chance. D4C is classified as an S-level carrier and has the ability to transfer between dimensions and a sub-ability to transport items or even people from alternate dimensions.

Is the Gold experience a good stand?

Gold Experience is a close-range Stand with incredible strength and speed, but it’s still outmatched by Stands like Crazy Diamond and Star Platinum. Apart from that, he has vital capacity. It can create life and can be used to attack the enemy or for other purposes. He can also create organs, healing allies.

What is the Stand gold experience for?

For example, Gold Experience can turn a suitcase into a frog or a lighter into a rose. Life forms can persist for a long time and even at a significant distance from Giorno. You can also freely undo this effect and return an object to its original inorganic state.Oct 21, 2022

Is the golden experience good when standing?

Gold Experience performs a rapid barrage of life-infused blows on yourself, restoring your health. Gold Experience creates a tree below you for a quick escape. It also heals you and those around you.

Why is Giorno’s stand called a golden experience?

This is Giorno Giovanna’s first official appearance. Their booth, Golden Experience, is named after a Prince song and captioned Golden Wind to avoid copyright infringement.

Can D4c beat Golden Experience Requiem?

The GER wins. The strongest position in all of the manga, giorno simply can’t lose, so any battle with him is either a win or a draw. June 5, 2021

Which stand can beat Gold Experience Requiem?

It will break no matter what. This is part of Killer Queen’s abilities. Here is why Killer Queen can beat Giorno and Gold Experience Requiem. January 11, 2021

What is the most powerful medium?

Tusk Act IV is the strongest form of the Stand and uses Golden Spin for its attacks. The Stand has arguably the most offensive power, as each attack has unlimited energy. In one episode, a single attack from Act IV trapped Funny Valentine and prevented him from escaping. October 14, 2021

Why is Golden Experience Requiem the strongest stand?

Here’s why: Gold Experience Requiem’s ability isn’t time inversion. It’s not attack-based, it doesn’t require conscious thought, and you can be sure there’s no way to attack it. It’s just a cancellation. July 6, 2019


Giorno’s stand, Golden Experience, has the ability to reshape matter into a living creature. Most of the time, he transforms objects into plants or small animals. He did this to track, hide items, and occasionally heal one of his teammates. March 31, 2022

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