How To Win Monster Prom

How To Win Monster Prom

How long does it take to 100% Monster Prom? When focusing on the main objectives, Monster Prom is about 1 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 62 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do you get a good ending Monster Prom? Secret endings can be obtained by:
Purchasing certain items that initiate special routes.
Completing a special route that may trigger randomly.
Completing certain criteria, such as: Successfully romancing a certain number of love interests. Completing a certain number of other secret endings.

How many endings are there in Monster Prom? There are 34 secret endings in Monster Prom. The Monster Prom: Second Term DLC adds 13 new secret endings for a total of 47 secret endings. These endings are unlocked through items or will trigger randomly while on a datable NPC’s route.

How To Win Monster Prom – Related Questions

Is it possible to get a date in Monster Prom?

There are one on one events that are not dates. It’ll be fairly clear if you are on a date or not. In multiplayer there is an event where a potential prom date will ask a player about one of their relationships.
Monster Prom.
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What stats do you need for Zoe in Monster Prom?

Stat Requirements
Short: Hearts 9, Creativity 12, Charm 7.
Long: Hearts 18, Creativity 13, Charm 10.

What is oz from Monster Prom?

Oz is the yellow-colored playable character in the Monster Prom series. He is also a love interest in Monster Prom: REVERSE. He was formerly voiced by Cryaotic (@CryWasTaken) before being replaced by Octopimp (@Octopimp). He is officially stated as having an indeterminate gender, though he prefers going by he/him.

What stats do you need for Miranda?

Stat Requirements
Short: 9+ CHARM and 9+ MONEY.
Long: 13+ CHARM and 13+ MONEY.

How do I unlock Damien’s secret ending?

Tell him to play to his strengths, and act through violence and blood. He will engage a beast in mortal combat in front of his people, styling its hair before delivering the killing blow. With that, you have allowed him to embrace his inner beauty, and pursue his dream following the Monster Prom.

What do you need to get Polly in Monster Prom?

Stat Requirements
Short: 6+ BOLDNESS and 8+ FUN.
Long: 7+ BOLDNESS and 12+ FUN.

How do you ask a Vera for prom?

Step 1: When Vera tells you she wants to be prom queen, tell her to ask the Coven if your Charm stat is higher than your Smarts stat. Tell her to search the internet if your Smarts stat is higher.

What stats do you need for Calculester?

The stat requirements are Smarts (Primary), Charm and Fun (Secondary).

Is Monster Prom good single player?

solo player is fun but multi player is more fun because of the jokes and laughs you have with others. that said its still worth it. Players can’t choose the same location, and two players, of course, can’t date the same person (unless there are some endings for this situation? don’t know about those, though).

Can more than one person win Monster Prom?

Can we both win or is it just one winner and everyone else gets rejected? I’ve had a two players game where we both won, so yes.

Can you romance the cat in Monster Prom?

Nope and nope. After you’ve gone to the shop three times and not bought anything the next time you visit Val you’ll start dating. No other requirements.

What stats do you need for Scott Monster Prom?

Where the other primary romanceable character require a certain amount of specific stats in order to successfully ask them to prom (given stats aren’t overridden by a secret ending), Scott has no stat requirements other than getting a certain amount of “love points” with him, which is an invisible stat that isn’t .

What is Amira Monster Prom?

Polly Geist. Monster Prom Wiki. Amira Rashid, known simply as Amira in-game, is the red-colored playable character in the Monster Prom franchise. She is also a love interest in Monster Prom: REVERSE. She is voiced by Danielle McRae (@DanielleMcVO.)

Is Cry still in Monster Prom?

There is a pervasive problem within the gaming industry of sheltering such predators and abusers, as well as dismissing their victims and accusers. To stand against this, we will be recasting the roles of Liam and Oz for all future Monster Prom games and cutting all ties with Cryaotic.

What gender is Milo in monster camp?

Milo is non-binary, and uses They/Them pronouns. The Monster Camp teaser describes Milo as a “Harbinger of Death”. It was later confirmed that they are a Reaper. In the game’s love interest introduction sequence, they are referred to specifically as a “death reaper”.

What triggers Miranda warnings?

The circumstances triggering the Miranda safeguards, i.e. Miranda warnings, are “custody” and “interrogation”. Custody means formal arrest or the deprivation of freedom to an extent associated with formal arrest.

How do stats work monster prom?

In Monster Prom and Monster Camp, successful dialogue choices are based on which Stats the player has more of between two choices, each with an assigned stat. There are six stats: SMARTS, BOLDNESS, CREATIVITY, CHARM, FUN, and MONEY.

How do you raise your stats in Monster prom?

All stats can be increased during the 3 week or 6 week time frame of the game by visiting specific locations during turns, passing or failing events, and interacting with NPCs during lunchtime.

How do you get the eel ending in Monster Prom?

The EEL ending is achieved by failing two or more of the presented scenarios. If enough events are passed, a different ending, SERF PARTY, will be presented. “Think Fast! It’ll break Miranda’s heart to know her serfs are planning to assassinate her. but you can’t let her die before Prom!

How much is the penguin mask Monster Prom?

Next, you will have to visit Valerie (the cat girl) at her shop to buy the penguin mask. By this time, you will hopefully have reached the $10 threshold required to afford it, or at least be very close.

What stats do I need for Damien?

Short: 12+ BOLDNESS and 7+ FUN.
Long: 17+ BOLDNESS and 10+ FUN.

What does the tampon do in Monster Prom?

Some Impractical Yet Kinda Funny Glasses $5 Boosts FUN stat
A PR agent $6 Boosts hidden affection stat
A Tampon Used by the Former Prom Queen $1 Secret ending
A Bag of Regular Cocaine $10 Secret ending
28 more rows

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