how to use the elevaters in castlevania symphany og the night

How do you open the door in the clock tower in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

User Info: SnakeGartman. hit one over and over until it clicks. not *CHUNK* but *click* then STOP hitting it, and move on to the next one. After you do all four a door should open.22-Jun-2008


How do you use the mist in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

Turn into Mist by pressing L1. This will let you phase through the great and pick up the Soul of Bat on the other side. The Soul of Bat allows you to turn into a bat by pressing R1.


How do you break the floor in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

Hold down+right or down+left and it will swing your weapon down at an angle while you are crouched.21-Jun-2009


Is Castlevania Symphony of the Night hard?

The hardest part of SOTN is the first 3-5 hours simply due to balancing issues and the fact that the castle can be very unforgiving to navigate if you don’t know where to go.07-May-2015


How do you get past spikes in Symphony of the Night?

You need the spike breaker armor to get past the corridor of spikes. The spike breaker armor is in the lower right part of the castle. You need echo of bat to get through the dark spike passage there. Once you get past the spike corridor in the chapel, you will get the silver ring.01-Jun-2010


How do you get double jump in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

Spoiler: Obtain jewel of open from librarian, go back to alchemy laboratory and jump to the left from the platform before slogra and gaibon boss room. this should take you to the corridor leading to a maria-meeting and royal chapel. continue until you go to the castle keep.


How do I beat Galamoth in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

Some of the quickest ways known to defeat Galamoth in Symphony of the Night are either to use the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield combo, or to use one or two Crissaegrims.


How do you get the leap stone in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

Head right through the level door, and pick up the warp point, you do NOT have to use it, just go in the room to have it activated. After that, head up the moving platforms, and go to the left passage. Deal with the flea men on birds with Cutlass one shot kills. Continue left and pick up the Leap Stone !06-Feb-2013


Where is the castle keep Sotn?

Geography. The Castle Keep is the seventh stage that you need to go to in order to get the first ending in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It is first entered from the left side of the map from the Royal Chapel.


How do I get to the underground caverns Symphony of the Night?

The Underground Caverns is first entered through an opening in the floor in the Marble Gallery that is opened once a nearby switch is stepped on after obtaining the Jewel of Open. There are two paths straight downwards: the right path is a “long drop”, while the left path is a basement section.


Where are the catacombs in Symphony of the Night?

The Catacombs are the lower-most level of the Castle and are only accessible from the Abandoned Pit to the Catacomb. The counterpart to this stage in the Reverse Castle is the Floating Catacombs.


How do you get the jewel sword in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

The sword can be found in the Entrance after using a secret trick with both the Wolf and Bat forms, or it can be dropped by the Discus Lord enemy in the Catacombs.


Which version of Symphony of the Night is best?

After playing SOTN most of my life, I finally sat down with the Saturn version. It’s simply the best. The 3D effects of PSX are nice but not missed amidst new pixel effects. Even the transparency effects matter little compared to the excitement of NEW areas, enemies, bosses, sounds, music, weapons, and relics.24-May-2019


Is Symphony of the night worth playing?

Yes for the price, it is an amazing game and it still holds up.


How long does it take to beat Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

15-20 hours

The estimated time to complete all 12 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night achievements is 15-20 hours. This estimate is based on the median completion time from 261 TrueAchievements members that have completed the game.


How do I get past spikes bloodstained?

The castle in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is full of dangers like spike traps. To get past them, players typically need to find special weapons, items, or abilities. In this case, there’s a special suit of armor hidden in the Towers of Twin Dragons that will allow them to pass through spikes unharmed.25-Jun-2019


Where is the gold ring Sotn?

Wizardry Lab

The ring in Dawn of Sorrow can be found in a secret room located at the underground part of Wizardry Lab. To access this room, the last three digits of the current amount of gold the player is currently holding must end in “666” (a number commonly associated with the Devil).


How do you get past spikes in castle sewers?


What i did was: Punch the wall to activate spikes, run towards the end to the gate. Once there, the gate should close.

Punch the button and run down the hallway past the spikes. When you’re next to the door turn back around and activate your shadow magic.


Where do I go after double jump in Symphony of the Night?

User Info: Hewbo. The double jump lets you get into other areas of the castle. Go to the room with the clock and you’ll be able to take the path that opens when the left statue moves. If it’s closed off, just wait and the statue will eventually move.17-Jun-2014


How do you double jump in Castlevania Portrait of Ruin?

You summon your second character and then jump off of their shoulders. It only works when your other character is standing still. You have to hit jump again while you are in their sprite.16-Jun-2009


Where are all the relics in Castlevania Symphony of the Night

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