how to ship star wars action figures

How do I ship loose Star Wars figures?

If the figure you are selling is loose, consider wrapping the figure in a plastic bag or bubble wrap before shipping it in a box full of packing peanuts.20-Mar-2019


How much does it cost to ship an action figure?

First Class Package (or FCP, for short) will only cost anywhere in the range of under $3 to $5 per shipment. It also features full door-to-door tracking, as well as an estimated delivery timeframe of 1-3 business days.


How do I ship small figurines?

Put packing peanuts on the bottom of the inner (smaller) box and pack the figure inside of it. Fill the rest of the box with more foam peanuts, but do not do it too tightly. Leave enough space for the so-called cushion.05-Aug-2015


How do you ship collectibles?

Typically you want a padded layer and a rigid layer. You may need a sturdy box and padding (bubble wrap, wadded paper, etc.) around the collectible. However the best solution may involve the padded layer on the outside with a rigid inner protector (such a padded envelop with a toploader enclosed).20-Oct-2014


How do I ship vintage action figures?

Here’s the 5 supplies—and 5 packing tips—you’ll need for shipping action figures safely and securely.

What You’ll Need. Corrugated Boxes.

Use New Corrugated Boxes. Stay away from shipping action figures in mailer envelopes.

Wrap the Action Figure Packaging.

Fill the Corrugated Box.

Seal it Securely.

Consider Priority Shipping.



How do I ship a doll?

Start by wrapping the head with bubble wrap. Then insert it into a small box just large enough to accommodate the head with some packing peanuts around it. Seal it in this box. Then wrap the doll body with bubble wrap and place the entire doll inside another box.27-Oct-2012


How much does it cost to ship a package USPS?

Compare Mail Services

Service Starting Price

Priority Mail® $7.70 (at Post Office & Online) $7.16 (Commercial)6

First-Class Mail® $0.55 (at Post Office & Online) $0.398 (Commercial)6

First-Class Package Service® $4.00 (at Post Office) $3.01 (Commercial6)

USPS Retail Ground® $7.70 (at Post Office)

2 more rows


How do I ship a figurine?

Place them in a box and cushion them with packing peanuts or paper. If you have a lot of figurines you may wish to pack 5-10 in a smaller box and pack several small boxes in a large shipping box. Shipping is expensive, but it costs significantly less to ship one large box than two small ones.


How do you package figures?

Dolls, figurines, ceramics or glass

Wrap each box or item individually in packing paper (or wrap unboxed figurines in Bubble Wrap®).

Wrap boxes in Bubble Wrap, paying special attention to the corners and edges.

Prepare a large box by placing a layer of crushed packing paper at the bottom to pad the box.



How do I ship a porcelain package?

Properly Packing Your Pottery Shipments

Use a Strong, Corrugated Cardboard Box. First, you’ll always want to use a brand new corrugated cardboard box to place your pottery in.

Protect the Pottery With (A Lot) of Bubble Wrap and Packing Tissue.

Make Sure There’s No Wiggle Room or Empty Space in Your Box.


How do I ship very valuable items?

Registered Mail is the safest way to send and insure your valuable item. Request Registered Mail at your local post office to receive a proof of mailing and the date and time of each attempted delivery. Registered Mail also allows you to insure your item to up to $50,000.


Which shipping company is best for fragile items?


One of the best shippers for fragile items locally and internationally is UPS. Shipping fragile items with UPS offers a generally reliable and safe shipping solution. Plus, your package is already insured up to $100 by UPS by default with the option for additional coverage, making it a great choice overall.06-May-2019


Can you ship antique?

If your antique items weigh less than 70lbs and measure less than 108 inches in length, you may be able to ship them using parcel shipping services such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS. Antique items shipped using parcel shipping services are typically packaged and labelled in individual boxes.


Where can I sell my action figures?

Where To Sell Your Action Figures

Local Collectibles Store. If you’re lucky enough to have a local collectibles store close by, they may be willing to take those action figures off your hands immediately.

eBay. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the option to sell your action figures on eBay.

Garage Sale.

Neatstuff Collectibles.



How do you ship figures on Reddit?

Use your own boxes / bubble mailers. Don’t use flat rate boxes for figures.

Shipping options :

I find USPS is the best in terms of price and quality.

USPS First Class is a very low cost option that still gets your item anywhere in the US in 2-5 days.



How do you package toys?

Pack boxes


How do I ship a porcelain doll?

Tips for Shipping Artwork: Antique Porcelain Dolls

Prepare the doll for transportation. First of all, you need to protect the head as it is the most fragile part of the porcelain doll.

Wrap the doll carefully.

Choose the right box.

Place the doll inside the box.

Fill the empty space with more packing peanuts.



Can I mail a toy in an envelope?

Toys and Other Objects


How much does it cost to ship an American Girl doll?

Standard shipping

Order total Shipping cost

Up to $40 $6

$40.01 – $80 $9

$80.01 – $134.99 $13

$135+* $0


How do you wrap a loose gift?

Another easy way to wrap those weird shaped gifts is to put it in a box with a lid and some tissue paper. If the box is plain, then you can easily wrap the rectangular box and add a bow or ribbon to dress it up.10-Nov-2018


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