how to paint action figures

Prime the whole action figure with some sort of primer paint. Make sure to put on thin light coats. Thick coats will glob up and leave streaks. Start by painting the hardest to reach areas.

What kind of paint do you use on action figures?

I use Testors Model Master Acryl, Tamiya spray Lacquers, and Formula P3 by Privateer press. These are probably the best paints for customizing figures out there and you can snag them online using the links below. Other paints you can use are Citadel/Games Workshop, Vallejo Model Color, and War Games paints.


What paint to use to paint toys?

Milk Paint is the most obvious first choice for wooden toys. It’s the only 100% natural paint and it is the safest choice.15-Feb-2021


What is the best paint for figures?

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints are the most popular type of paint for miniature and models. Acrylics are water-based and non-toxic, so they’re ideal for Warhammer figures.


Is acrylic paint good for action figures?

Acrylic paint is a MUST for action figures. Whatever you do, do not use enamal as it will never dry.21-Feb-2012


What kind of paint do you use on plastic figures?

Acrylic modelling paint

Acrylic modelling paint is the standard paint of choice for most model enthusiasts. It’s easy to work with and can easily be thinned by mixing it with water. However, acrylic paint is not as durable as spray paint or enamel. Use acrylic paint unless you have a special need for durability.


Can you paint action figures?

Prime the whole action figure with some sort of primer paint. Make sure to put on thin light coats. Thick coats will glob up and leave streaks. Pose the figure in a way that you can paint everywhere for instance with the figures arms in the air.


Is acrylic paint waterproof?

Although it might be slightly water-resistant, it does not provide a waterproof coat. To make it waterproof, add a sealer over the acrylic paint. Also, the type of surface you are painting may have to be prepared before painting for better results.16-Jan-2021


Are NECA figures hand painted?

They don’t hand paint them, machines do it on an assembly line.21-Jul-2017


Can you paint toys with acrylic paint?

For toys using one solid color with no moving parts or disassembled pieces, using acrylic spray paint saves a lot of time. Otherwise, a few careful thinned down layers with a brush should be sufficient. Always use matte colors as opposed to glossy to prevent issues with the finish.18-Apr-2017


Do you need special paint for miniatures?

The best miniature paint available is the Testor Enamel Paint. Even though enamel paints, today, are not the most popular or common choice, the Testor Paint is the only best option. Since the paint dries slowly, it provides a smooth finish that does not show any brush strokes.27-Mar-2021


Can I use acrylic paint for minis?

Acrylic paints are fast drying and can be thinned with water and acrylic medium to apply very fine layers. Use thin coats to accent surface detail. If you need a hard, lustrous coating for miniatures that will be handled often, use oil/enamel paints.17-Jan-2020


Is acrylic or enamel better for models?

Enamel: The Slow and Steady Option


Does acrylic paint stay on plastic?

Will Acrylic Paint Stick to Plastic


What is the best acrylic paint for plastic models?

Acrylic Paint Brands

Vallejo. Comes in several varieties.

Lifecolor. Great for airbrushing and color selection.

Tamiya. Alcohol-based: they dry faster and are more dense than other acrylics.

AK Interactive. They seem to perform great at both airbrushing and hand-painting.

Mig Ammo.

Citadel/Games Workshop.

Acrylic Lacquers.


Can you use acrylic paint on Warhammer figures?

You don’t. You can use any acrylic paint you want and if you thin and apply them properly you can get good results.06-Dec-2017


Can I make an action figure of myself?

MyFaceonaFigure.Com: Create an action figure of yourself! Make it personal. You’ve been collecting action figures of people you do not personally know for years…it’s time to start collecting figures of yourself and your friends. We have a big selection of body sizes and outfits to choose from for your action figure.










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