How To Draw Monster Inc

How To Draw Monster Inc

How do you draw Monsters Inc step by step? Circle. Starting from the top circle to the bottom. And then back up to the top from here let’s drawMore
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How do you draw Mike Sully from Monsters Inc? This and then at the Andy is like a little like an anchor shape. There yep and then he has two hornsMore

How do you make a simple monster drawing? First so i’m going to draw a curve that goes. Up over like this and then i’ll connect the bottom ofMore

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How do you paint Mike Wazowski?

Here we’ve got that coming to just a little bit after that. And up here coming round there so youMore

How do you draw Boo from Monsters Inc?

So let’s make them drastic your eyes i’m going to come in here with two circles for highlights. AndMore

How do you draw a boo?

Down below there we go yes keep going bigger. Nice yeah good job as you did it okay now we’re goingMore

How do you draw Nemo?

And then we’re going to draw another circle right inside that so you can draw a little circle rightMore

How do you draw a minion?

So we’re going to start down here. And go up go over doing a big upside down u. And then come backMore

What color are Sully’s spots?

Sulley is a huge monster, measuring 7’8″ and weighing 766 lbs according to both of his Scare Cards. He physically resembles a humanoid bear, and his body is covered in light teal fur, with the stomach area’s fur being a light shade of blue. He also has purple polka dots, which are part of his fur’s colour scheme.

How do you draw a cute scary monster?

He’s going to look like a gumdrop monster. He’s going to look so cool when he’s scary then we’reMore

How do you draw a scary monster?

Pulling in just a bit pulling back up. That’s going to be the furrowing. Eyes down over here. Up upMore

How do you draw a horror monster?

Here. It’s going to be angry face so it’s going to have a furrowing of the eyebrows. Here furring ofMore

How do you draw ideas?

So you could try the same apple with colored pencils pastels graphite or whatever. And just likeMore

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