how to display action figures

How do you display an action figure collection?

To get around this tedious task, encase your entire collection in these action figure cases and display them on a dresser, or put them up on wall-mounted shelves. Photo by midnightglory Glass shelves are your friend. Especially if you can find ones that have lighting. Glass doors on cabinets are also your friend.11-Mar-2011


How do you display action figures on a wall?

Anyways, now that we have that out of the way, lets dig into this.

Hang Your Action Figures with Nails or Push Pins.

Adhesive Hooks and Clips.

Using a Peg Board to Hang Your Action Figures on The Wall.

Displaying Action Figures on Your Walls with Floating Shelves.

Wall-Mounted Display Cases and Cabinets.



How do I keep my action figure standing?

Pick up some tiny disc-shaped magnets (refrigerator pegs are great) and glue them to the feet of any action figures you want to stand up. If you can find smaller magnets, you can slide them inside of the pegs at the bottom of your figure’s feet. Then, grab some tiny metal washers and snap them to the magnets.12-Feb-2021


Should I open my action figures?

Action Figures In Their Original Packaging Are Worth More:


How do I organize my toy collection?

How to Incorporate a Laundry Area into a Tiny Bathroom

Purge your collection. You have to prioritize certain pieces you want to keep.

Display your treasure as a focal point at home.

Store your collections properly.

Clean your collection regularly.

Update and rearrange pieces every now and then.



How do you store wrestling figures?

Storage Methods

Sealed Storage Containers: These are for action figures at the high end of the market.

Display Cases:

Plastic Shell Cases:

Re-sealable Containers:

Re-sealable bags:





How do I display my transformer?

For example, one popular method of displaying unopened Transformers (or action figures in general), is to hang the unopened, carded figures on the wall using push pins. You obviously can’t do this with opened figures. If your figures are opened, you’re probably not going to be hanging them from the walls.12-Sep-2020


How do you make a shadow box shelf?

Step 1: Grab A Frame and Clean It Up. I started this project with a shopping trip.

Step 2: Measure the Wood for Shelves.

Step 3: Paint the Frame.

Step 4: Paint the Wood Shelves.

Step 5: Screw the Box Together.

Step 6: Attach the Box to The Frame.

Step 7: Secure It with Braces.


Do action figures increase in value?

It depends on the figure in question. Most figures will take around 20 years or so to increase significantly in value; however, there are some figures that will experience a big increase in value in a much shorter amount of time.03-Jan-2020


What is the rarest action figure?

The most valuable action figure of all time is this 1963 prototype G.I. Joe. Handmade by series creator Don Levine, he sold for auction in 2009 for $200,000.


Can dust damage action figures?

Answer: No. At worst, dust just makes your figures look dirty; however, that’s usually the worst thing it can do. Dust does not damage your figures.22-May-2018


How do you organize toys in a small room?

We’re going to use a combination of things like bins of different types to organize your child’s space once and for all!

Furniture that Doubles as Storage.

Woven Baskets for Toys.

Plastic Tubs with Lids for Stacking.

Create Space Behind Your Couch.

Shoe Racks for Toys.

Stick it to Wall or Fridge.

Rolling Toys In and Out.



How do I organize?

Really organized people are not born organized, they have to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organized.

Write Things Down.

Make Schedules and Deadlines.

Don’t Procrastinate.

Give Everything a Home.

Declutter Regularly.

Keep Only What You Need.

Know Where to Discard Items.

Stay Away from Bargains.


How long do PVC figures last?

My figures are out around my apartment and on my desk at work, I don’t really expect them to last less than 20-30 years. The figma might last slightly less, or at least the joints – I like to repose them every few months. I just found some in a storage box that I forgot I had.


How can I protect my anime figures?

Glass Cabinets


How do you store Star Wars action figures?

storing action figures in plastic ziploc-type bags is a good idea. As long as you don’t use the vast majority of bags out there. I use ones that are made of Polypropylene for storing small items they are acid-free, archival-quality plastic bags.07-Aug-2014










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