how to clean action figures

Put a small amount of soap on the toothbrush, just a small drop, and begin to give the figure, still wet from its soak, a gentle scrubbing. Do not use too much pressure, just enough to clean off the dirt and grime.15-Jun-2020

How do I clean my figures?


Fill a container with lukewarm water.

Optional: Disassemble your figurine.

Soak your figurine (or figurine pieces) in the water for about 5 minutes.

Squirt (or rub) soap on a new, soft-bristled toothbrush and begin gently brushing the figurine.

Rinse all the soap off the figurine using warm water.



How do you get stains out of action figures?

For the more stubborn stains, dirt or grease marks first soak the figure in warm water NOT hot or boiling water, as this will damage your figure and any stickers or decals on it will come off. One of the best “cleaning” products to use with warm water are effervescent denture tablets.


Why do action figures get sticky?

The cause of this stickiness or tackiness is the plasticizer that is used the manufacture of action figures. Over long periods of time this plasticizer begins to vaporize. This also means that figures that use softer plastics or PVC are more prone to this stickiness than figures that use harder plastics or PVC.


Can dust damage action figures?

Answer: No. At worst, dust just makes your figures look dirty; however, that’s usually the worst thing it can do. Dust does not damage your figures.22-May-2018


How long do PVC figures last?

My figures are out around my apartment and on my desk at work, I don’t really expect them to last less than 20-30 years. The figma might last slightly less, or at least the joints – I like to repose them every few months. I just found some in a storage box that I forgot I had.


How do you remove sticky plasticizer?

To remove this sticky layer of plasticizer you can leave the figure in a tile of water with soap for some time. Don’t use hot water since this will make the figure vulnerable for bending. Lukewarm/cold water is just fine. When finished you can gently rinse down the figure to prevent soap residue.16-Aug-2018


How do you deal with sticky Nendoroids?

The best way to clean this stickiness is with a neutral detergent! In most cases the standard dish-washing soap you use at home will do the trick! Don’t use a sponge – the rough surface may cause unwanted scratches and damage to the figure! Simply gently clean the figure with your hands and the washing liquid!16-Nov-2016


How do you fix sticky rubber toys?

Try using regular baby power with corn starch in it. Rub into the doll to help absorb the stickiness. I was told by someone at a doll hospital to use Dawn dish soap. It will get sticky again, so wash it again.


Are action figures worth collecting?

Collecting action figures can be an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby. It can make you feel like a kid again. And, if you buy carefully, it can become a great financial investment, as many figures reach values of hundreds of dollars on the collectible market.23-Jan-2020


Should you keep action figures in the box?

Answer: If you want your figures to significantly increase in value, then you should keep them in the original packaging. Otherwise, it is completely up to you.22-May-2018


How do you store action figures?

Generally, everyday re-sealable food containers are ideal for storing your action figures especially the more popular brands of containers such as Tupperware. Most of these types of containers are made to be strong and hard wearing, as well as being cheap, easy to store and offering your action figures good protection.


Why does old plastic become sticky?

Many plastics have softeners or plasticizers in to make the material soft and bendable. These plasticizers migrate to the surface of the plastic after a while and evaporate away. After a little research, it seems that some plastic items might have some sort of coating that breaks down over time, and becomes sticky.


How do you make old plastic toys not sticky?

Steps to Remove the Stickiness:

Mix baking soda and water in a small dish to make a paste. It should be about the consistency of toothpaste.

Use a soft cloth to rub the paste over the surface of the plastic.

Rinse completely with water.

Repeat if necessary.


How do you restore sun faded plastic chairs?

Method #1 – Baking Soda and Wax

Step 1: Wet a sponge in a bowl of warm water and sprinkle baking soda all over it.

Step 2: Rinse the chair down with fresh water from your hose and dry the chair completely, either with a towel or leave it to bake in the sun for a while.


How do you clean and restore toys?

Take the toy and use a soft cloth or brush to wipe off any dust or debris. Fill a container of lukewarm water and plain dish soap. Dampen a soft cloth and use that to wipe down the surface of the toy. If there’s a heavy build-up of grime, you can use a kitchen scouring pad.03-Aug-2020


Do PVC figures fade?

Ultraviolet rays in sun light can make paints to fade. Keep your anime PVC figures away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Your PVC figure may change its shape when exposed to high temperature.06-Dec-2011


Is PVC good for figures?









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