How Does Goku Rank

How Does Goku Rank

What is Goku’s power ranking? Goku is able to fight Beerus while he is using 70% of his power. Goku admits that he was holding back at first only using 80% of his real power which would put Goku’s battle power at 4.8 Quadrillion.

What is the highest form of Goku? the Mastered Ultra Instinct
There’s no debate that the Mastered Ultra Instinct is Goku’s strongest form as of 2021. It’s established as more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved.

Is Goku universe level? Super Saiyan God Goku is NOT a universe buster but he is universal | Fandom.

How Does Goku Rank – Related Questions

Is Goku most powerful?

Chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super makes it official that Goku is now the strongest warrior in Universe 7, with huge ramifications for the franchise.

What is Goku’s last power level?

When fighting Goku, Frieza maxes out his power in his final form, reaching a record-breaking 120 million! However, once Frieza makes the fatal mistake of killing Krillin right in front of the Saiyan, Goku achieves Super Saiyan for the first time and reaches a power level of 150 million, according to Daizenshuu 7.

Who can defeat Goku?

Simon (Gurren Lagann) can beat Goku without difficulty

In the final two seasons, Simon absorbs the Anti-Spiral’s Multiverse Labyrinth with infinite multiverses within it, to create Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann using the energy of his spiral. Simon’s powers are unlimited. He is able to throw galaxies into baseballs.

What is Goku’s IQ?

Goku: 76, even though you might think his IQ could be even lower sometimes, he often proves he can do some smart things too, especially while fighting and especially during DBZ.

What is Goku’s weakest form?

Starting off the list as Goku’s weakest form is the original Dragon Ball transformation, the base Super Saiyan form. While still useful and powerful, even the mastered Super Saiyan form is the weakest of all the branch’s transformations.

What is Goku’s final form called?


It would eventually be trumped by Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Super, but in the context of Dragon Ball Z, it was Goku’s “final” form.

How fast is Goku mph?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot estimates that Goku’s power levels are around 10 billion as of the Babidi Saga. By applying the same formula, this means that Goku, without Instant Transmission, can travel 22.321 trillion MPH — or 33,314 times the speed of light!

Can Goku destroy galaxies?

Goku can destroy a universe, but not a space time continuum. They are different. And Low Multiversal requires being able to destroy either multiple space-time continuums or multiple 4-D areas larger than an infinite 3-D one.

Can Goku destroy the world?

Despite many debunks on the internet, evidence from the manga and anime suggests that Son Goku may be a global threat. He would not have any trouble – at his current power level – destroying entire universes.

Is Goku as strong as God?

The fact that Goku has grown in power to become a god himself in battle makes him one of the most powerful beings in existence, and, while he might not match up to some other Gods or Angels, he has proven to be a handful for many Gods of Destruction, and he might have surpassed the power of some of their ranks.

Does Goku have a weakness?

4) Goku never goes all out from the start

Arguably, Goku’s greatest weakness is the fact that he never starts a fight going all out. He loves a good fight and has often held back just so whatever fight he’s in can develop into a good one.

Who is all stronger than Goku?

He’s one of the strongest characters in the entire series and his strength surpasses that of a God of Destruction, as seen during the Tournament of Power. Jiren is stronger than Goku, evident from the fact that even Mastered Ultra Instinct couldn’t defeat him.

What is Goku’s full strength?

The highest official power level, and one of the last to be canonized, is found in the reference work Daizenshuu 7. It gives Goku’s full Super Saiyan power when battling Frieza: 150,000,000.

What was Goku’s final death?

59. Goku: Killed when Cell self destructs, after Goku took him to King Kai’s planet. He is revived several years later when Old Kai gives him his life.

How old is Goku?

Goku’s chronological age at the end of Dragon Ball Z is 44, however, his body is that of 37.

Who can solo Goku?

12 Anime Characters Who Can Easily Beat Goku
Saitama from One Punch Man. .
Nanika from Hunter x Hunter. .
Eri from My Hero Academia. .
Ryuk from Death Note. .
Shigeo Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100. .
Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. .
Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass. .
Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto.

Who can not defeat Goku?

Broly was capable of fighting Goku and Vegeta while they were both in their Super Saiyan Blue forms, and they were only able to stop him by fusing into Gogeta. Goku himself admitted that Broly is likely stronger than Beerus, which means that he definitely can’t beat him yet.

What gods can beat Goku?

Here are 8 Dragon Ball Gods Way Stronger Than Goku (And 12 So Much Weaker).
20 Weaker: Dende. .
19 Stronger: Beerus. .
18 Weaker: Kami. .
17 Stronger: Whis. .
16 Weaker: King Kai. .
15 Stronger: Champa. .
14 Weaker: Supreme Kai. .
13 Stronger: Vados.

Who is smarter than Goku?

Throughout Dragon Ball, Master Roshi has demonstrated his (relative to Goku) superior intelligence and deduction skills. The most prominent example is when he was able to correctly deduce why Goku transformed into a Great Ape during the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

What is Goku’s mental age?

Goku in Dragon Ball Super

The entirety of Dragon Ball Super takes place within the 10-year time jump between Majin Buu’s defeat at the end of Dragon Ball Z and its subsequent epilogue. Super starts approximately four years into the time jump, making Goku physically 31 but psychologically 38.

What is IQ of Gohan?

Gohan-135, Quite predictable.

What is Goku’s coolest form?

Dragon Ball GT gets a lot of hate from fans for numerous reasons. However, Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 form is one of the coolest things to ever come out of the series. Unlike every other Goku transformation up to this point, Goku’s hair remains jet black, but a red coat of fur sprouts all over his body.

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