how do you get the duplicator in castlevania

The Duplicator is a rare item that enables its bearer to use as many of a use item as desired without losing them. It first appeared in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, where it is can be purchased for an incredibly large amount of money (500,000 Gold), provided that this game is a replay.

How do you get the duplicator in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

After you beat the game, in the cleared game, the Duplicator can be purchased from the Librarian for 500000 gold.


How do you get money fast in SotN?

The Reverse Caverns is THE easiest and fastest way to gain money. Simply break the candle, grab the loot, and use the triangle button to scoot out the door to the right. Come back in and just keep doing it. Think about it at $2000 a bag, you only need to do it 250 times.


How do you get the most form in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

After getting it, go to Coliseum through the big clock room by using Leap Stone after the left statue moves then finding the doorway from Olrox Quarters to Coliseum. From here, find your way to battle the bosses and get the mist.


How do you get the muramasa in SotN?

The Muramasa is found on the upper level of the Castle Walls in section of the Castle Grounds area. It is in a candle on a perch that initially cannot be reached, but that can be reached by traveling far to the right, heading up, and then heading back left.


Is SotN new game plus?

There’s no New Game+ in SotN. You have to start over.07-Jun-2011


How many familiars are in SotN?

seven familiars

Collect all seven familiars in the game.


How do you get the jewel sword in Sotn?

The sword can be found in the Entrance after using a secret trick with both the Wolf and Bat forms, or it can be dropped by the Discus Lord enemy in the Catacombs.


Where is the Colosseum in Sotn?

To get to the Colosseum you need to go the the Clock Room (you can get there by the bottom passageway in the outer wall.) Once in there you need to wait for the statue on the left to open up, the statue will open and close with each passing minute.27-May-2010


Where is the castle keep Sotn?

Geography. The Castle Keep is the seventh stage that you need to go to in order to get the first ending in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It is first entered from the left side of the map from the Royal Chapel.


How do I beat Galamoth in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

Some of the quickest ways known to defeat Galamoth in Symphony of the Night are either to use the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield combo, or to use one or two Crissaegrims.


What does the fairy familiar do in Sotn?

The Faerie Familiar doesn’t attack Enemies, but rather heals Alucard. She is the only familiar that will use the Life apple and Hammer medicines, and she will also use Potions and other status-curing medicines as appropriate.


What is the best sword in Castlevania SotN?


As far as I’m aware Crissaegrim is considered the best weapon in SotN.


How many Muramasa blades are there?

20 Muramasa blades

Over 20 Muramasa blades are on display, on loan from collections across Japan, as well as weapons produced by the famous swordsmith’s apprentices. While this piece may look bloodstained, the coloring of the blade actually comes from a preservative lacquer that it’s been coated with.23-Sep-2016


Why is Castlevania Symphony of the Night so expensive?

Symphony of the Night has three factors going for it that push its value up: Part of a well known and long running series (e.g. Mario games or Final Fantasy) Critically renowned game that is still fun to play today and holds up well.20-Jan-2017


What is luck mode SotN?

Thief Mode (usually called Luck Mode when talking about Symphony of the Night) is an alternate mode in some games that increases the player’s Luck at the expense of other stats. There are two Castlevania games with this mode: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


How do I start new game plus on SotN?

To access New Game+ in this game, the player needs to choose the Clear icon beside the saved file’s slot. Soma’s level will be reset to 1 and so with the stats.


Can Alucard use the cross?

Alucard (Symphony of the Night as the standard sub-weapon use of the Cross, and Judgment as an Item Crash).


How do you get familiars in Sotn?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


How do I summon the familiars in Sotn?

Just go to the relic section in your in-game menu, and scroll down till you reach the cards that say “bat card” or whatever (I don’t remember exactly), then turn them on.22-Dec-2007


How do you get the sword in Brother spell?

Wiki Targeted (Games)


How long is Alucard’s sword

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