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Certainly, Joy Boy (as Jesus) is a figure of deep historical and mythological relevance in the One Piece universe. It is said to have existed in a forgotten time known as The Age of the Void, which took place between 800 and 900 years before present history.

How old is Nami in Wano?

Nami was 18 before the timeskip and 20 after the timeskip. Chopper was 15 before the timeskip and 17 after the timeskip.

Is Momonosuke getting old?

Due to his mother’s initial ability to time travel, Momonosuke does not age a year, leaving him ageless at age 8 until Shinobu uses his Devil Fruit powers to transform him into a 28-year-old man. year. As the current Shogun, Momonosuke has complete control over the Land of Wa.

In which episode does Momonosuke grow up?

It was last summer and there are 28 chapters, so the full reveal of Momonosuke as an adult in One Piece Chapter 1051 is a big deal. The chapter sees Akazaya Nine and Momonosuke declare their victory over Kaido in a broadcast to the rest of Wano, and their adult identities are revealed. June 5, 2022

In which episode does Momonosuke age?

Chapter 1023 of the series picks up after Momonosuke asks Shinobu for help, and as she reveals that her body will mature but her mind will remain the same, it seems that Momonosuke has fully accepted this risk and the fact that he has aged now. 20 years that had been skipped before. September 3, 2021

How did Momonosuke age 20 years?

Oden was executed when Momonosuke was 8 years old, and Orochi and Kaidou began to wage open warfare to eliminate Kozuki’s bloodline. To ensure Momonosuke’s safety, Toki sent him 20 years forward in time with several of his servants.

Is Momonosuke stronger than Kaido?

He even mastered his distinctive swordsmanship. Kin’emon can not only pass through fire, but can also deal damage to Kaido’s dragon form. Very few One Piece characters have the strength to overcome these defensive scales. Momonosuke is much weaker than Kaido on his worst day. June 1, 2022

How did Momonosuke’s dragon form get bigger?

In Chapter 1023, Momonosuke, son of Kazuki Oden, has grown into a 28-year-old adult. Not only is he now his true age, but his Devil Fruit powers were also affected by Shinobu’s Ripe-Ripe Jutsu. After aging, he reveals his now larger dragon form. August 31, 2021

Is Momonosuke back to normal?

After several months of anticipation, her adult form was officially revealed in One Piece Chapter 1051. Eiichiro Oda decided to save this moving moment for his big speech. Momonosuke hasn’t had a chance to return to his normal human form so far. June 3, 2022

In which episode does Momonosuke transform?

A Little Dragon! Momonosuke Appears is the 611th episode of the One Piece anime.


Hiyori is the younger sister of Kozuki Momonosuke, the rightful heir to the Wano Country Shogun seat. Their relationship, however, is very complicated. Hiyori was initially two years younger than Momonosuke. February 18, 2020

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