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Nevertheless, Hub’s Alien Blaster is easily one of the most powerful pistols and energy weapons in the game. In addition to dealing energy damage, Hub’s Alien Blaster also increases your damage with hits. crits and allows you to land more crits overall. July 18, 2022

Is being disarmed considered finesse?

Probably a short-barreled machine gun. It takes time to spin, but once it’s done, it goes fast. Especially if you have a Legendary Rapid Machine Gun. Probably an accelerated machine gun.Sep 12, 2018

Is an unarmed version viable in Fallout 4?

Fallout builds diversity exceptionally well, even though dialogue options have been greatly simplified in Fallout 4. One of the more fun versions of the game uses no weapons. Executing an unarmed build can be tricky, but the satisfaction of blasting enemies to pieces using only your fists can’t be matched. June 26, 2020

Is Fallout 4 better at melee or unarmed?

There is a difference between NO WEAPONS and CLOSE. Power Armor makes MELEE better but unarmored weaker. Unarmored weapons can have a base damage of over 120, but when you’re wearing power armor you can’t use them, meaning you only do around 30 damage per hit even with power armor improved.

What is the best unarmed weapon in Fallout 4?

The Power Fist
The Power Fist is the best unarmed weapon in Fallout 4, both for its high damage and its interesting design. However, there is a unique variant of this weapon called Furious Power Fist, which you can acquire by defeating Swan the Super Mutant. August 29, 2021

Does the major leagues affect handguns?

So no, Big League shouldn’t affect any type of knuckle-based weapon. March 10, 2018

Can a hit with bare hands do 0 damage?

Technically, the answer would be yes. The Player’s Handbook states that an unarmed attack inflicts 1 + strength modifier and you have mastered the attack. As a result, since the skill only adds to hit, as long as your damage is fixed, your modifier can prevent the attack from doing damage.

Is it better in melee or with bare hands?

Advantages and disadvantages of unarmed and melee? Melee has range and more pickaxe, but is generally heavier and harder to repair. Unarmed is lightweight, so you can carry more weapons, some for robots or power armor, power fists for heavily armored units, and spiked fists for speed and lightly armored enemies. December 24, 2018

Does Deathclaw’s Gauntlet count as disarmed?

Bloodthirsty Gauntlet is a crafted unarmed weapon in Fallout 3.

Is the deathclaw gauntlet melee or unarmed?

Deathclaw Gauntlet is an unarmored weapon crafted in Fallout 3.


In a world of guns, nukes, and mutants, melee builds can be surprisingly fun and viable in Fallout 4. Some builds can even become so powerful that they effectively break the game, turning the player into a a one-man army that can devastate the wasteland. with ease, and others are quirky enough to be ridiculously funny. November 25, 2019

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