does itachi come back

Itachi reappears later during the Fourth Great Ninja War, brought back by Kabuto Yakushi using the Reanimation Jutsu, a forbidden summoning jutsu that brings the dead back as immortal corpses, to fight on Tobi’s side.

Does Itachi die again?

Itachi Uchiha was brought back to life because of the Reanimation Jutsu/Technique, which was done by Kabuto Yakushi. … They made Kabuto undo the Reanimation Jutsu, which will end the existence of Itachi in this world of living. Final Death: The Truth. Before he die, Itachi went in front of Sasuke, looking at his eyes.


Does Itachi return to Boruto?

Fake News Alert : Itachi is not coming back in Boruto series! There is a post circulating on social media claiming that Itachi Uchiha will be reanimated in Boruto series, which is totally false. There is no announcement from Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto & Boruto series author) about Itachi Uchiha return.


What episode will Itachi return?

Itachi gets revived in episode 339, called I Will Always Love You. After his battle with Sasuke, Kabuto utilized the Reanimation Jutsu to bring him back during the Fourth Great Ninja War.


Is Itachi dead in Boruto?

Itachi ultimately died at the hands of his brother, just as he wanted to, but there are lots of things he could’ve done in his lifetime had he not died so young.


What really killed Itachi?

In 2009, Itachi died in the anime after a climactic battle with Sasuke, wherein he gives Sasuke his Sharingan power. Having been wracked by guilt, Itachi had always known that the only way he could meet his end was by Sasuke’s hand.


Who killed Itachi’s girlfriend?

In the anime, she was killed by Toby, but it was Itachi that killed her in the official canon. Izumi, who had already learned of the Uchiha’s betrayal to the village, would be extremely accepting of her death. She believed her death was for the greater good, just like her father’s had been.


Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Is jiraiya still alive in Boruto?

Jiraiya’s death is one of those fictional loses that fans are still dealing with. Jiraiya was Naruto’s mentor who dies trying to stop Pain from attacking Naruto and destroying the Hidden Leaf Village. … And as it turns out, he is indeed a character who shares DNA with the legendary Sannin.


Can Itachi defeat Madara?

Itachi could have easily defeated madara as even kishimoto said in an interview that he had to kill itachi because if alive, itachi could have easily defeated madara. … Madara has both Sage of 6 Paths and Rinnegan, Naruto and Sasuke have each so technically, one at a time, Naruto and Sasuke can’t defeat Madara.


Who kills Madara?

In the end, Madara was killed by Hashirama.


Is Kabuto a good guy?

Kabuto was inspired by Orochimaru and his hard work to become immortal and learn every Jutsu. … Kabuto also improved the Reanimation Jutsu. He aided Obito and led to the start of the Fourth Great Ninja War. Kabuto would have remained evil if Itachi hadn’t used the Izanami on him.


What did Itachi say to Sasuke before he died?

There won’t be a next time, or according to the manga translation, Forgive me, Sasuke, this is the last time. Along with this, Itachi pokes his forehead just like he used to in the past, after which he passes away. … But a busy Itachi would poke his forehead and say, Forgive me, Sasuke, maybe next time.


Why did Itachi smile at Naruto?

In this scene, Itachi confronts Naruto (or possibly a Naruto clone) in the forest in order to “talk” to him. … Itachi might also be smiling because he thinks Naruto is a fool for believing that he can possibly exert more influence on Sasuke than Itachi can.


Who is Mira Uchiha?

Mira Uchiha (みら うちは, Uchiha Mira) is a surviving member of the Uchiha-Clan. She escaped the Uchiha-massacre thanks to her mother. After that, she started to roam the country and took on various, shady jobs for a living. She does not affiliate herself with any villages.


Who is the strongest Uchiha?

1 STRONGEST: Sasuke Uchiha

Undoubtedly, the strongest Uchiha of all-time, Sasuke gained the Mangekyo Sharingan after the death of Itachi Uchiha. His eyes granted him the power of Amaterasu and Flame Control. Along with that, Sasuke also gained the ability to use Full-body Susanoo, making him extremely powerful.


What is the truth about Itachi?

Itachi was the only person who had known he was still alive and had managed to locate him, and had proceeded to offer him a counter proposal ” he would help Madara extinguish the Uchiha clan in exchange for sparing the village, which Madara had readily agreed to.


Who kills Kakashi?

Conclusion. What episode does Kakashi die?, Kakashi Hatake dies in the 159th episode of season 8 in Naruto Shippuden Manga animated series. Although, he gets back to life by pain who kills him after making a deal with Naruto. Kakashi was the tracher of naruto, hashirama, and sasuke.


Who was Itachi’s lover?

Izumi was deeply in love with Itachi, so much so that she accepted Itachi’s decision to end her life for the sake of the village, and was grateful to be given the life she wanted with him: growing old and having kids together, even if it was only a genjutsu.


Who is Kakashi’s girlfriend?

10 Does Kakashi Have A Girlfriend? As of this moment in the story, Kakashi Hatake is 100% single. While many fans seem to have gotten mixed feelings due to a girl named Hanare, Kakashi is canonically single in both the manga and anime series.


Did Itachi really love Izumi?

Itachi and Izumi became very close that they were seen as lovers by others. … In the novel, Izumi’s dream was to be happily married to Itachi, raising their children. In the novel, Itachi thanked Izumi for always loving him as she died in his arms. In the anime, Izumi’s last words were for Itachi to save her.


Does Naruto have a Kekkei Genkai?

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