do they sell replacement rubber bands for older gi joe action figures

How do I fix my old GI Joes?

Replace that O-Ring

First, make a supply run.

Walk into Ace Hardware and ask for a pack of #9 rubber O-Rings and you’ve got your start.

Second, take the screw out of the Joe’s back.

The O-Ring went around a peg in the center of a Joe, then looped down to hold on the hips and legs.

Lastly, put it all back together.


What size O ring do you need to fix a GI Joe?

There are several sizes that will work, but I have had the best luck with “O” Rings having a 9/16″ Outside Diameter (O.


) and either a 3/8″ or 7/16″ Inside Diameter (I.

), and a thickness of either 3/32″ or 1/16″.


Can you tighten GI Joe joints?

There are several ways to tighten up loose G.

I Joe figure joints, these are my favorites.

For a loose waist or loose upper leg joints, replace the O-ring.

For a loose knee, neck or a rotating shoulder joint, I use a polyurethane varnish – commonly called “clear coat”.

5) Apply additional coats if necessary.


How do you wash GI Joe clothes?

Cleaning With OXI Clean:


Can you fix loose joints on action figures?

Just floor wax similar to Quick Shine marketed for action figure loose joints. If you collect transformers or any other poseable collectable, this is your absolute fix for loose joints. You’ll need to be comfortable with taking apart and putting your toys back together.


Can you fix loose joints?

If you have joint hypermobility syndrome, treatment will focus on relieving pain and strengthening the joint.

Your doctor may suggest you use prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers, creams, or sprays for your joint pain.

They may also recommend certain exercises or physical therapy.


Can dust damage action figures?

Answer: No.

At worst, dust just makes your figures look dirty; however, that’s usually the worst thing it can do.

Dust does not damage your figures.


How do I keep my action figures clean?

Put a small amount of soap on the toothbrush, just a small drop, and begin to give the figure, still wet from its soak, a gentle scrubbing.

Do not use too much pressure, just enough to clean off the dirt and grime.


























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