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This Horizon Forbidden West Options and Consequences guide lists all of the different options we’ve come across in the game and tells you the immediate outcome of each of the decisions Aloy can make on her journey. Forbidden West’s choice and consequence system boils down to three different categories, called Flashpoints. . story, respecting players and valuing their time, creating very interesting and fun side quests. tribe. The problem is that Tenakth’s political resolve is usually fatal for someone.
Aloy will explain to you in the build up to this Horizon Forbidden West mission that not only will the loser be killed, but all respective factions will fight to the death across the world. territory. The implication is that there’s potentially a large death toll, which makes it feel like there’s a lot to play here.

What are Horizon West Prohibited Options?

Like in Horizon Zero Dawn, the choices in Horizon Forbidden West don’t have a huge impact on the story. Whenever you are presented with multiple options in a conversation or when making a decision on what to do, the outcome will vary only slightly. You’ll always end up in the same place when you play, no matter what choices you make.
Beating Horizon Forbidden West takes around 60 hours, including the main quest and side quests. The slight changes to the dialogue options allow players to gain additional knowledge about the game and Aloy in a second or third playthrough, as it would take multiple playthroughs to explore all of the critical choice options. Holiday season 2021, Horizon Forbidden West is now set to release on PS5 and PS4 on February 18, 2022. A complete sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West finds Aloy in a plague-infected landscape populated by new tribes and hunted by even more tribes. large. . mechanical beasts.
It’s no surprise that Horizon Forbidden West follows in the footsteps of Horizon Zero Dawn in having only one ending, as that’s a standout feature of the first game.

What are the side quests in the forbidden west? “”

Side quests are marked with green exclamation points on the Horizon Forbidden West map and are generally multi-level quests with a lot of narrative exposition. All side quests are listed below:
“The Road Home” is one of the last side quests in Horizon Forbidden West that can only be completed once Aloy has mastered the ability to cancel the machine Sunwing. Two Quen navigators need help recovering their broken navigator tool that will allow them to return home to their families.
A complete Horizon Forbidden West walkthrough with a full list of quests can be found here. Horizon Forbidden West has 17 main missions. A full game will take 30 hours on normal difficulty, including cutscenes and some side exploration.
Gauntlet Runs are machine-based races featured in Horizon Forbidden West that test your mastery of Overrides machines. Which of all the Horizon Forbidden West missions was your favorite and why?

Should I pick Yarra or Drakka at the Horizon Forbidden West Gate? “”

RELATED: Horizon Forbidden West: Should I Choose ‘I’ll Wait or Go Now’ (Embassy) Yarra Wants to See Drakka Punished for Endangering Burning Spear Water Supply, While Drakka Hopes overthrow Yarra to end their lies and bad leadership.
The implication is that there’s potentially a large body count, which makes it feel like there’s a lot to play here. When you get to the marker map for the Forbidden West quest for Gate of the Overdue Horizon, it’s quite simple. You can talk to both Yarra and Drakka to hear what they have to say.
During this time, Yarra or Drakka will attack you from the other side of the field from a distance. Take out the warriors then head for Yarra/Drakka. As humans their weak points will be their heads so be sure to remove your helmet early. You can also dismantle their armor, which will help expose more weak points.
One of the Daria side quests you will receive from him is called The Gate of the Vanquished. Below is the path to this search. The avengers gate is part of the Jetakka three story quests and is unlocked after completing the side quests The Wound in the Sand and Thirst for the Hunt.

What is the way back to the forbidden west? “”

The Way Home is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West issued by Harriem and Kristia on the ship in Legacy’s Landfall. You will probably find out during GEMINI. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about The Way Home.
The Forbidden West bears similarities to the Western Highlands of Egyptian mythology, where it was thought to be the land of the dead. the west, where the sun sets.
After completing the main story quest, the Lighthouse Tomb in Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy can talk to the people of Legacy’s Fall and begin to take on certain tasks they have for she. Among these side quests are a few women who need help getting a gyrocompass so they can lead their community home when it’s time to return. for the Forbidden West by completing its side quest. According to Nora’s high matriarch, Teersa, Rost traveled to the Forbidden West in search of the bandits who killed her daughter.

What are Gauntlet Races in the Forbidden Western Horizon? “”

Gauntlet Runs are races in Horizon Forbidden West that Aloy can race in a Charger, and winning them all will unlock a Legendary weapon. There are four Gauntlet races to complete in Horizon Forbidden West, and winning each race will reward players with a unique and powerful legendary weapon.
This Horizon Forbidden West guide will provide an overview of the Shredder Gauntlets along with instructions on where to buy or how to unlock each one in-game. New to the Horizon franchise, as they weren’t included in Zero Dawn, the Shredder Gauntlets fire discs boomerang-shaped that return after hitting an enemy.
Gauntlet Run: Dry Yearn – The first is across the mountains west of Plainsong. As soon as you complete Repair Bay TAU as part of the story, you can head further west and find this Gauntlet Run almost immediately. Gauntlet Run: Cliffs of the Cry – The second one is much further, just west of Thornmarsh on the coast.
All Gauntlet races are a full lap, and Aloy must clear each checkpoint and come first to win the race. . Gauntlet’s four races can be found in Dry Yearn, Cliffs of the Cry, Bonewhite Tear, and The Stillstands, and the races will need to be completed in that order for Aloy to move on to the next challenge.

Is there much to play in the Forbidden West? “”

It’s so nice to see people, young and old, wanting to learn to play and get out of their comfort zone. In my opinion, you couldn’t find a better place to start than with Horizon Forbidden West! We hope this gaming experience provides some fantastic bonding moments between the pair and continues with even more titles.
Here are 7 things to do after beating Horizon Forbidden West. While there are five Tallnecks wandering the Forbidden West marked on your map, there is also one secretly hiding that you will need to search for on your own. It’s in the IOTA Cauldron at the far north of the map.
A heartwarming conversation between mother and son about how to play the next Horizon Forbidden West is just the wholesome content we need. Horizon Forbidden West is nearly a week away from release and Aloy fans are ecstatic.

How to beat Yarra/Drakka? “”

Once you’ve finished talking to them, you’ll have three options: If you’re on Yarra’s side, you must fight Drakka and some of his allies alongside Yarra. Yarra will kill Drakka after the battle and you will continue with her. It’s the same if you decide to side with Drakka.
When you get to the map marker for the Forbidden West Gate of the Vanished Horizon quest, it’s pretty much straightforward. You can talk to both Yarra and Drakka to hear what they have to say. The short version is that they both think the other is useless and that a little civil war is the only possible solution.
The Gate of the Vanquished quest in Horizon Forbidden West forces Aloy to choose between Yarra or Drakka after being trapped. in the politics of Scalding Spear. The headstrong Drakka from a small town wants to challenge the leadership of Yarra, the current competent but paranoid boss.
One of the side quests you will receive from him is called The Gate of the Vanquished. Below is the path to this search. The avengers gate is part of the Jetakka three story quests and is unlocked after completing the side quests The Wound in the Sand and Thirst for the Hunt.

What side quests do you get from jetakka? “”

Now that Drakka has challenged Yarra, it’s time to meet Jetakka at the Gate of the Vanquished. Maybe together Aloy and Jetakka can prevent an all-out war between the Desert Clan. You will also earn a free weapon for completing this quest.
Jetakka is a character in Horizon Forbidden West. He is a chaplain in the Desert Clan. As a chaplain, Jetakka went through and through clan wars. Jetakka was one of the few who learned the secret that the wound in the sand had stopped filling.
Travel to the Gate of the Vanquished and talk to Jetakka. A dialogue will ensue and you will have the option to side with Drakka/Yarra/ni. whirlpools, gear, and loot.

How do the decisions affect the story of Forbidden Horizon West? “”

Horizon Forbidden West Narrative Director Benjamin McCaw revealed in a recent interview with Everyeye that the game will follow in the footsteps of Horizon Zero Dawn in how player choice affects the story. result, and most decisions result in different dialogue.
There’s no doubt that Horizon Forbidden West is a visually stunning game with an engaging story. After reaching Chainscrape, you will soon come into contact with your first Flashpoint decision.
However, there is no branching story and there is only one ending, and it will not change based on player decisions, in or out of conversations. Building on the story of Zero Dawn, Forbidden West develops the character of Aloy. There are three conversation types that players can choose from.
While it will take around 50-60 hours for Platinum, 100% completion in Horizon Forbidden West could take hundreds of hours, with plenty of side quests and achievements to keep even the most fastidious players engaged.


For Horizon Zero Dawn, the average length of the main story is around 22.5 hours. Depending on the player and the difficulty of the game, it can be shorter or longer. This can be translated as Horizon Forbidden West, and players should expect the main story around 10 p.m. take players over 85 hours. Faster players can brag about completing it sooner.
However, players who plan to just focus on the main story and only do some of the side activities and quests should expect to complete the game in about 25 to 35 hours. If you’re the type of player who wants to complete all of the side quests before finishing the main story, you can expect your journey in Horizon to last around 45 hours.
Sprenger adds that although the duration is comparable to Horizon Zero Dawn, “the scope of the preview for Forbidden West should be a bit bigger” thanks to the ambitious story and setting, as well as side content.


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