wolf’s rain how did kiba get to paradise

Kiba’s relationship with Cheza is not a romantic one, despite how it may appear. The relationship is that of a platonic love. As the chosen wolf, Kiba is bound to Cheza by fate. He will protect her at any and all costs.

wolf’s rain how come kiba doesnt

Best order to watch Monogatari
Bakemonogatari. “Third-year high school student Koyomi Araragi is human again. .
Kizumonogatari. .
Nisemonogatari. .
Nekomongatari: Kuro. .
Monogatari Series: Second Season. .
Hanamonogatari. .
Tsukimonogatari. .
Owarimonogatari Season One.

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Darcia’s eye tainting the flower represents the reintroduction of evil to the world. Thus, when the wolves are reborn into the world, it’s once again a dark and dreary place, as is represented by the rainy city. It’s almost as if nothing has changed and history is doomed to repeat itself.

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True Paradise

At the beginning of the OVAs, Darcia’s monologue revealed how Paradise is simply a future world that can be opened following the end of the one preceding it; a cycle of destruction and rebirth that spawns once the world becomes cold and dead.

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