Eureka Seven

eureka seven when does renton mature

After their kiss, after the seventh swell that engraved their very love onto the moon, the second eye opened revealing a coralian eye. Through Renton and Eureka’s love the Nirvash became whole, became part human and part coralian.

when does the eureka seven movie take place

year 12005
The setting of Eureka Seven takes place in the year 12005 and its’ been 10,000 years after humanity has made a mass exodus into space, due to the arrival of the Scub Coral, an intelligent, sentient life who merged with the planet, forcing the humans to abandon it.

why does eureka seven ao contradict the original

While the original Eureka Seven featured mechs known as “LFOs” (Light Finding Operations), Eureka Seven: AO features mechs known as “IFOs” (Intelligent Flying Objects), which were developed by reverse-engineering the RA272 Nirvash, also known as the Mark I, which was created by Renton Thurston almost 10,000 years into .

eureka seven why does truth wear a bell

Truth is a charismatic, ruthless sociopath with no remorse or guilt for the death and destruction he has caused across the world in his quest to find the owner of the original Nirvash. He is unforgiving and will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way.

what should i watch after eureka seven

Other anime that has elements of adventure, mecha, and sci-fi like Eureka Seven include Last Exile, Fractale, and RahXephon.
The Best Anime Like Eureka Seven
Xam’d: Lost Memories. .
Gurren Lagann. .
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. .
Neon Genesis Evangelion. .
Guilty Crown.

why does eureka seven ao suck

Eureka Seven AO isn’t worth taking seriously and introduces many of the ideas that are further explored in the 2005 series. Even though it falls short in a few areas, it is a decent introduction to the franchise and some of its themes. Recommended for mecha fans whom would like to see something with a different vibe.

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