dragon ball xenoverse how to find beerus fast

Beerus can be found on top of Orange Star High School after beating the game. He requires a total training level of God to start and Super to finish. Beerus will teach you the following moves: God of Destruction’s Anger, GoD’s Rampage, GoD’s Wrath, and Sphere of Destruction.

what does the lord of everything say to beerus say in episdoe 54

He just lost his brother and is being focused on by the camera. Beerus obviously being conflicted with how he felt probably wanted to be left alone (audiences eyes off him) and out of the spotlight and as OP says thats why he says “say something” because he’s telling the narrator to hurry it up.

who is stronger beerus or zamasu

Taking into account that both Shin and Gowasu confirmed him being the strongest god, it can only be asumed that he got stronger when he merged with universe. Cause in point Beerus and Whis being able to sense him from a alternate timeline.

why did beerus seal the kai in the sword

It is said that The Gods of Destruction and the Supreme Kais are created in pairs and are life-linked. So, when Lord Beerus trapped Elder Kai, whose was the then Supreme Kai, in the Z Sword, it means hat he is life-linked to Elder Kai.

how to activate beerus ko

Beerus possesses strength capable of easily destroying the universe. During his first fight with Super Saiyan God Goku, the clashing of the two’s fists created ripples which traveled through the macrocosm of Universe 7, and was said to be able to destroy the universe if it continued.

what does beerus call his homeworld?

Birusu no Hoshi
Beerus’ Planet (ビルスの星, Birusu no Hoshi) with its primary location being Beerus’ Castle (ビルスの城, Birusu no Shiro), is the home of the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis.

how much energy did beerus use against god goku

Back when BoG was released, it was stated that Beerus had to use 70% of his power to defeat Goku as a Super Saiyan God. Toriyama even stated that he considers Goku as a SSJG to be 60% as strong as Beerus, and in RF, Whis even suggested that Goku and Vegeta could defeat Beerus if they teamed up.

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