castlevania sotn how to get passed the spikes at the bell tower

You need the spike breaker armor to get past the corridor of spikes. The spike breaker armor is in the lower right part of the castle. You need echo of bat to get through the dark spike passage there. Once you get past the spike corridor in the chapel, you will get the silver ring.24-Jun-2010

How do you open the gate in the clock tower in Castlevania SOTN?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The two SoN Clock Towers share a common secret: four gears are located in the main tower, two in each chamber. Hitting each of these until they make a small click rather than a loud clank will raise the gate in the lower-left of the tower (upper-left in the inverted version).


How do I get Crissaegrim Sotn?

It can only be found by going into the Forbidden Library and managing to get a Schmoo to drop one, but it won’t be easy. The Crissaegrim is a one handed sword. This means that it is possible to obtain two of them and wield one in each hand.


How do you get the muramasa in Sotn?

Chances are you’ll be able to pick LoS1 up fairly cheap and it’s definitely worth playing through at least once. As a life long Castlevania fan, I loved the Lords of Shadow games. The first one in particular was just superb, in my top 10 games of the series.14-Aug-2120


How do you open a blue door bat?

What you do is get to the blue door in bat form, then be sure that you have a Potion equipped in one hand. Once you do, turn into human form while repeatedly pressing the button that’ll activate the Potion.21-May-2008


Where is the gold ring Sotn?

Wizardry Lab
The ring in Dawn of Sorrow can be found in a secret room located at the underground part of Wizardry Lab. To access this room, the last three digits of the current amount of gold the player is currently holding must end in “666” (a number commonly associated with the Devil).


How do you open the right side of the clock tower in Sotn?

re: How do I open the right side of the clock room


How many familiars are in Sotn?

seven familiars
Collect all seven familiars in the game.


How do you get a duplicator?

After you beat the game, in the cleared game, the Duplicator can be purchased from the Librarian for 500000 gold.


What is the best sword in Castlevania SotN?

As far as I’m aware Crissaegrim is considered the best weapon in SotN.


Where did Sephiroth get his sword?

Generally it is left behind in victims. During the Nibelheim incident, Sephiroth fell into the lifestream and as a result of this experience, gained the ability to manifest Masamune at will.


How do you get gravity boots in SotN?

Instructions for Obtaining the Gravity Boots
Enter the clock room, located at the center of the castle map.
Activate the Soul of Bat relic and transform into a bat.
Fly up through the opening in the center of the ceiling and follow the path through the center corridor.


Where do I get Spike breaker armor?

Spike Breaker Armor is on Catacombs,After A Dark Room Full of Spikes. You will need at least Soul of Bat and Echo of Bat. So,Transform into Bat an Press Triangle to See the Spikes. You CAN pass without the Echo,but is harder.


How do you get a soul of a bat?

His name is the Lesser Demon. This was not easy, so it will probably take a few tries. Once he is defeated, head on until you hit a grate. Use Soul of Mist to pass, in here is the Soul of Bat.


How do you do a wing in Smash Bros?

To perform it, a specific button sequence must be input (hold [JUMP] + ↑↖←↙↓↘→, release [JUMP]). The Wing Smash ability varies depending on the version of the game. In the PlayStation version and ports, it has a fixed duration and Alucard will automatically leave bat form after a short dash.


What do rings do Sotn?

Ring that neutralizes poison attacks.


How do you unlock the inverted castle?

To unlock the Inverted Castle, find the Gold and Silver Rings from two optional bosses (one being the Succubus) on any Alucard playthrough to unlock the lower secret chamber that opens from the clock room. Descend into the room to get a pair of glasses from Maria.


How many endings does Symphony of the Night have?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This game has four possible endings for Alucard, each of which is decided by different conditions that lead to the defeat of Dracula or, misguidedly, Richter.


How do you open the clock in Castlevania?

User Info: billygoten. One of the two statues moves when it changes over to a new minute. Just wait until the minute changes and it will open if it is closed. Each audible clock tick is a second on the game timer.28-May-2009


How do you open the door in the Sotn gear room?

User Info: billygoten. Hit the switches until they click into place (a much lighter sound, not a bang). There are four switches (between two rooms) and they ALL need to be clicked in place at the same time to open the gate.22-Jun-2009


How do I use the mist form in Sotn?

Turn into Mist by pressing L1. This will let you phase through the great and pick up the Soul of Bat on the other side. The Soul of Bat allows you to turn into a bat by pressing R1.


Can Alucard use the cross

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