castlevania sotn 360 how to save

Find a save room and press up to save when standing under the orb thingy. Save Room’s are shown in red on the map.22-Jun-2009

How do you get the good ending in Sotn?

“Best Ending; In the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter. After completing both castles with a percentage of at least 196, defeat the final boss.”23-Jun-2009


How do I get Crissaegrim Sotn?

It can only be found by going into the Forbidden Library and managing to get a Schmoo to drop one, but it won’t be easy. The Crissaegrim is a one handed sword. This means that it is possible to obtain two of them and wield one in each hand.


How do you save in Castlevania Symphony of the Night?

stand Alucard’s buns underneath of one and hit the “up” button. save your game!09-Jun-2011


How do you save in Castlevania Symphony of the Night ps3?

Save points have a floating polygon in the middle of the room. Press Up while standing under one to restore your HP / MP, and save. Save points appear as red blocks on the map, while teleporters are yellow / orange.24-May-2010


How many familiars are in SotN?

seven familiars

Collect all seven familiars in the game.


Is SotN new game plus?

There’s no New Game+ in SotN. You have to start over.07-Jun-2011


How do you get a duplicator?

After you beat the game, in the cleared game, the Duplicator can be purchased from the Librarian for 500000 gold.


How do you get the muramasa in Sotn?

The Muramasa is found on the upper level of the Castle Walls in section of the Castle Grounds area. It is in a candle on a perch that initially cannot be reached, but that can be reached by traveling far to the right, heading up, and then heading back left.


Can you save in Castlevania?

There are no save states, just quick saves: Warning, warning. Anniversary Collection offers one quick save file per game, and it’s not the same thing as a save state. If you load your game from a save state, it’s erased. You can’t go back to it; you must make a new one.22-May-2019


How do you save in Castlevania 1?

In-game, there’s no save feature, but since this is the 3DS version, you can create restore points. Also, quitting the game through the HOME menu will pause at your exact moment and resume from there when you start the game again.06-Jun-2016


What is the best familiar Sotn?

Sword Familiar

Simply the best familiar there is. The Sword Familiar will voluntariliy attack the enemy you are closest to, when you step towards them. It will also immediately attack, if Alucard sustains damage. Once the Sword Familiar hits level 50, you will be able to equip it as a sword.


Can Alucard use the cross?

Alucard (Symphony of the Night as the standard sub-weapon use of the Cross, and Judgment as an Item Crash).


How do you get familiars in Sotn?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Why is Castlevania Symphony of the Night so expensive?

Symphony of the Night has three factors going for it that push its value up: Part of a well known and long running series (e.g. Mario games or Final Fantasy) Critically renowned game that is still fun to play today and holds up well.20-Jan-2017


How do I start new game plus in SotN?

To access New Game+ in this game, the player needs to choose the Clear icon beside the saved file’s slot. Soma’s level will be reset to 1 and so with the stats.


What is luck mode SotN?

Thief Mode (usually called Luck Mode when talking about Symphony of the Night) is an alternate mode in some games that increases the player’s Luck at the expense of other stats. There are two Castlevania games with this mode: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


Where can I find dupe trees?

This is a really rare tree found in the plains biomes of the mining dimension and brown ant dimension.


What is Minecraft Crazy Craft?

Crazy Craft is an incredible mod pack that takes the challenges of Minecraft to the next level. It has everything from a randomizer mod in order to make everyone’s experience different to awesome custom mods to even tweaked and different recipes in order to make things even more special and unique.


How does duplicator work Sotn?

Wiki Targeted (Games)


How do I get the millionaire key?

Den of Behemoths: To acquire the key to the Millionaire’s Room, you’ll have to discover the Den of Behemoths. The key is inside a chest in this location. Just from the first section of the area, head towards the path where you’ll drop down to the bottom area.11-May-2020


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