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MomijiMomiji. Momiji is a Tengu and the daughter of Hakurou. She falls in love with Benimaru, becomes his wife and gives birth to his offspring before he wakes up.

What happens to Rimuru at the end?

The series ends with him saying, I had a weird dream, this time I got reincarnated as a slime. I really recommend that you read their side stories, especially the final plot or the last arc, you might say. Rimuru literally becomes a god and saves another world from the brink of destruction. March 25, 2021

Will there be Season 3 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime?

That Time I Got Reincarnated As Slime Gets A Third Season! A report in Anime Corner shared the announcement teaser poster showing Hinata Sakaguchi facing Rimiru, the main protagonist of the series. 3 days ago

Where can I watch That Time I Got Reincarated as a Slime season 3?

Watch all episodes on Crunchyroll, with English subtitles or English dub, using the link below.3 days ago

Is the Slime anime over?

second season of the anime series aired from January to September 2021, and an anime adaptation of the second spin-off manga aired from April to June 2021. An anime film will premiere in November 2022. An anime film has been announced for the third season. .

Who is stronger Diablo or Rimuru?

As I mentioned before, Diablo is definitely inferior to Rimuru in raw power and skill, and his advantage in techniques and experience won’t make him strong enough to easily defeat someone Rimuru has fought against. . October 1, 2021

Is Rimuru a God?

God: At the end of the series, Rimuru became Supreme God/Deity. As a god, Rimuru rules over spacetime, which makes him able to do things like transcend spacetime to get to any place he wants, or go back in time.

Who is the strongest demon lord in slime?

Also known as Destroyer, Milim Nava is undoubtedly the strongest character in the series. She is one of the oldest demon lords in existence and is the daughter of one of the Four True Dragons. May 18, 2022

Is Rimuru a boy?

Rimuru was male in his previous life and still considers himself more or less that way. He uses the corpse of a human girl (Shizu) as the basis for his human form (however, his appearance still defaults to androgynous when using Mimicry) and is often mistaken for a girl, possibly due to long silver-blue hair . . June 11, 2020

Who is Diablo in slime?

Diablo, also known as Noir, is one of the seven Demon Primordials from the animated series That Time I Got reincarnated as Slime. He serves the Jura Tempest Federation as director and second secretary of Rimuru Tempest.


Rimuru being a real dragon means he has surpassed certain concepts of the world and for him to surpass Veldora and Velgurind in skill and power clearly puts the real dragon Rimuru at a high multiversal+ level in the light novel.

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