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We believe we have the definitive list of difficult video games that takes into account all the variables.
Contra. Konami Prepare to die, die and die some more.
Ghosts ‘n Goblins. .
Devil May Cry 3. .
Elden Ring and any other Soulsborne game. .
Cup head. .
I want to be the boy. .
Super Meat Boy. .
Ninja Gaiden. .
.•March 4, 2022

Platform is harder than Diamond?

Platinum is not a hard metal. It is 4 to 4.5 on the MOH hardness scale. This means it can be scratched by something harder than it is. Diamond is a ten on the MOH scale and can easily scratch platinum. February 6, 2020

What is the best Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum?

Top 10 Pokémon Pre and Post-National Pokedex
Pre-National Pokedex Total Base Stats Post-National Pokedex
1. Garchomp 600 1. Dragonite
2. Togekiss 545 2. Tyranitar
3. Electivire (BD) / Magmortar (SP) 540 3. Salamence_x00D 4 Gyarados 540 4. Metagross
6 additional lines•December 30, 2021

Which starter pokemon is better in platinum?

Starting pokes are Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig. Without a doubt, Chimchar is the best. Turtwig is really bad because his stats aren’t good at all and his typing is also pretty bad. Piplup is decent, but Chimchar’s combination of strong offensive stats and great writing make him the best.

Is Pokémon Platinum the hardest game?

The hardest Pokémon game has to be Pokémon Platinum, and it deserves that title with all the bling that the original Sinnoh games lacked. December 17, 2021

Is Pokemon Platinum the best Pokemon game?

Platinum is by far the best game in the Pokémon series to date! For starters, this game has a fairly well-developed plot. Most of the previous games were more or less catch ’em all with a bit of story added.

Who is the third strongest Pokemon?

3. Giratin. Giratina was created by Arceus to control antimatter. The latest member of the Creation Trio, Giratina is a Ghost/Dragon-type Pokémon with incredible abilities. July 26, 2022

What is the strongest Sinnoh Pokemon?

Top 15 Sinnoh Pokémon for Competitive Battles
8/15 Tangrowth.
7/15 Rotom Heat and Rotom Wash.
6/15 Hippowdon.
5/15 Mamoswine.
4/15 Weavile.
3/15 Magnezone.
2 / 15 Garchomp.
1/15 Heatran.
.•August 12, 2022

Why is Chimchar the best starter?

A large move pool, type advantage against tons of trainers, and high attack make Chimchar our pick for the best Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl starter, but no Pokemon is perfect. December 30, 2021

Who is better Turtwig or Chimchar?

Turtwig’s line is the most balanced defensive type, even with the powerful earthquake, while Chimchar and his line are the strongest offensively. November 18, 2021


7/18 Venusaur is a solar powered grass monster.
6/18 Incineroar is a bulky fire type.
5/18 Blaziken was once a mega speedster.
4/18 Primarina can handle her torrent power .
3/18 Swampert has been a metagame tank for a long time.
2/18 Rillaboom is a grass-gliding beast.
1/18 Cinderace is strong enough to fight Legendaries.
.•May 1st 2022

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